With Sleepy Hollow Ratings Slipping, Why Would An Insider Taunt Avid Fans?

What do you think of this tweet from a Sleepy Hollow insider?

With ratings slipping, we were surprised to see this tweet yesterday from Katia Winter, one of Sleepy Hollow‘s series regulars:


Was it just a bad attempt at humor?

A divisive PR tactic that could backfire?

A passive aggressive slap at #Ichabbie fans?

Let us know what you think in the comments section.


**Disclaimer: Here at TV Juriste, we are not firmly in the #Ichabbie camp. We’re tired of all the ship talk and want to get back to the apocalypse and Moloch. But we have not been shy about describing our problems with the Katrina character and storyline.


  • tvjuriste

    Given the Entertainment Weekly article about Sleepy Hollow’s ratings (and all the comments it provoked), I would have thought this would be a time to grow the fan base, not run a few of them off w/ bad jokes . . .

  • Norskgirl02

    It probably was a joke, but I’m not sure it’s in bad taste. It may also be a foreshadowing, depending on this next Katrina-centric is received. The showrunners & Ms. Winter have to be aware of how a large segment of the viewers feel about this story line. It’s a shame really and not fair to neither Ms. Winter or her character; neither have been well served by the writers.

    • tvjuriste

      Completely agree that the character and actress have not been well served by the writing for that character. The writers know how to create a complex interesting female character, so I’m not sure what happened. I am a bit turned off by the joke because it’s not really fair to lash out at fans. The fans didn’t create the problem.

      • Norskgirl02

        The more I think about the comment, I can see why some would take it as getting back at Ichabbie fans, I simply didn’t take it that way. Although I don’t know how Katia could direct any frustration she may have towards her bosses, and I would think she’d be feeling some/a lot about how her character is written.

        • geejayeff

          So it’s ok to punch down when you can’t confront the people creating the problem because they are your bosses?

          • Norskgirl02

            Of course it’s not ok, but people do incredibly stupid things when feeling frustrated and short changed.

  • john

    At the end of the day it was a stupid thing to do. Her character is already problematic to many people. I’ve seen people who could careless about shipping that say they just don’t like the Katrina character. To blame the fandom, especially a huge part that support the show is dumb and insulting.

  • CW

    It could have been an attempt at humor, but her intentions are beside the point (the road to Hell and all that). There’s long been criticism when it comes to the handling of Katrina as well as the underwhelming response to the Ichabod/Katrina relationship, but the only things execs at ‘Sleepy Hollow’ have said was they weren’t anticipating the response to Ichabod/Abbie. This shifts the focus and blame onto the fans that want the best for the show and characters no matter what their preferences. Even Nicole Beharie has stepped forth a few times as the Emotional Guardian for Katrina, Ichabod/Katrina, and her bosses behind ‘Sleepy Hollow.’ Instead of heeding the criticism and moving Katrina beyond Damsel in Distress/Princess Peach status they’ve all but dug their heels in the sand, and the minimal but vocal and zealous Katrina fans of the status quo double-down with a mix of racism, lashing-out, and a persecution complex. That’s incredibly frustrating not only when you’re supporting the show you love and rallying for what’s best for the characters but TPTB respond like they’re eight year-olds that think you have cooties because you like a certain relationship and criticize the depiction of what’s supposed to be a strong female character. So Katia coming out like that is just rubbing salt in the wounds.

    If this show gets cancelled, it won’t be because of Ichabod/Abbie (Ichabbie) fans, Abbie fans, or fans that rallied for a more interesting Katrina. That’s for true.

    • disqus_mcNbCYslzC

      How could they not anticipate the response about Ichabod and Abbie? Did they sit through any of their rehearsals? It’s pretty obvious that one of the reasons they were cast was because of their chemistry, not to mention that they are co-leads, male and female, extremely attractive, and together all the time. Do the producers, writers, and directors watch ANY television? This happens on shows where the leads hate each other, so I don’t see how they couldn’t see this coming.

      You know how I read it? I read it as a group of people who never thought a show that combined super-patriotism, biblical overtones, and an Apocalyptic theme with a historical white male character would attract an audience of all races that would pull for an Abbie/Ichabod relationship, which is incredibly naïve on their part.

      And it should be obvious where the people who really love the show and aren’t just using the characters to salve their own base consciences are-they’re from all races and walks of life. The Ichatrina shippers are almost exclusively white, religious, and conservative. Now, if they want to appease Ichatrina shippers, I hope they leave space in their DVR’s, because it’s likely they won’t be seeing too many more seasons of this show.

  • disqus_mcNbCYslzC

    I’m thinking Katia Winter does something she probably shouldn’t do-she reads comments boards. And it looks like she’s internalizing what she’s reading. You would think that watching Orlando Jones put his foot in his mouth would have alerted her to the dangers of posting willy nilly, but that wasn’t just a joke. I can smell the frustration and anger through my computer screen. I guess I don’t really blame her. She did kind of get the rotten end of the stick, but I don’t think it should have been a secret either to her or to her fans that she was not one of the leads on this show. I mean, Orlando Jones is also a co-star, and he has been pushed almost to recurring status, so what made her think she was the exception? If I didn’t know any better, I would think that she has stomped and pouted her way into a more prominent role.
    I have felt badly for her before, but this post makes her seem like an entitled, privileged brat who never thought Beharie could steal her thunder. It’s not only a jab at the fans, it’s a cheap shot at Beharie. Sorry.

  • JasmineRose

    I could see why Ms. Winter was frustrated with her role but she should have realized from the beginning that her character was a MacGuffin and little more. Katrina was written that way from Season 1. Someone behind the scenes at Sleepy Hollow or FOX tried to go from MacGuffin to lead in a few episodes and it was bound to fail since the character wasn’t thought through beyond her being Ichabod’s prize at the end of Season 1. That isn’t the fault of Ichabbie fans or Abbie fans. The fault lies with whoever tried to make her a lead when the show was about the Witnesses and she wasn’t one. They tried to change what the fans loved about the show and it almost cost everyone their jobs.