Rachel is embarrassed to arrive to work in Coleman’s fancy sports car, but Coleman encourages her to enjoy the perks that come along with being his number two–oh, and his girlfriend. Jeremy mocks Rachel as she passes by him but when Rachel catches Yael leaving his trailer, she has the upper hand.

“You can get kicked off for this,” she warns Yael. She’s right; in real life, both a contestant and a staffer got kicked off The Bachelor for having an affair.

Reality Reveal No.1: What types of rule violations would get a contestant kicked off a reality show?

TV Juriste Response:

Rachel then notices that Yael is holding a photo of her–one that Jeremy has been using for target practice. “Right in the eye,” observes Rachel. She takes the photo and gives Jeremy a pitiful look but I think she should give him his walking papers. It’s one thing to be disgruntled about your ex-girlfriend being your boss, but using pictures of her as target practice? Coleman sees the photo and offers to fire Jeremy, but Rachel insists that it’s not a big deal.

I know Rachel is trying to be the bigger person and show Jeremy that she doesn’t care about his opinion, but he’s getting a little too dangerous to ignore.

Meanwhile, Quinn is trying on gowns for the evening’s Impact Awards when Chet interrupts. He tells her that his declaration of love last episode was genuine, but Quinn isn’t interested. She’s planning on schmoozing with billionaire John Booth at the awards ceremony and convincing him to give her a show that will take her away from Everlasting forever.

Speaking of, it’s time for the first overnight date on Everlasting! Instead of Darius choosing the lucky lady, the show has asked viewers to vote on whom Darius will spend the night with. Yael and Dominique are announced as the winners, but Rachel protests Quinn’s decision to sell them as fan favorites. “What? Anything’s possible since we don’t actually tally those votes,” shrugs Quinn.

Reality Reveal No. 2: So when I dial the hotline to vote for my favorite contestants, it’s not even counted?

TV Juriste Response: Look for a disclaimer on your favorite shows about factors (other than your votes) which impact the final results revealed on-screen.

Rachel is also unhappy that Quinn manipulated the results so Darius will pick Yael for the overnight and pushed up the overnight date for ratings so it’s no surprise that Rachel takes special pleasure in casually bragging about going to the Impact Awards–using Quinn’s ticket.

Rachel goes further and tells Dominque about Yael’s hook up with Jeremy. Of course, Dominique reveals this to Darius in front of the cameras. Darius announces that he will not be spending the night with either lady–Yael for cheating on him and Dominique for lacking discretion. Now that he’s not bound by “fan favorites”, Darius picks the girl he is really interested in: Ruby.

Coleman makes an excuse to formally demote Jeremy without Rachel’s knowledge but Jeremy assumes that she directed Coleman to do so. Chet catches a drunk Jeremy angrily peeing on Coleman’s car and offers to help him get his power back. No, not his show power–his man power.

Cue eye rolls.

Anyway, as Darius and Ruby prepare to enter the Dream Suite, Quinn blasts Coleman for allowing Darius to pick Ruby. She points out that the ratings for last week, which featured Ruby, were terrible and now he was going to drive them lower. Coleman counteracts that broadcast television is on its way out and Everlasting should worry about making real “noise” instead of just transparent ratings grabs. “You want noise?” asks Quinn darkly. “I’ll give you noise.”

The overnight suite is supposed to be camera-free but Quinn snuck them in any way. Jay protests that it is against going rogue, but Quinn points out that she made the rules so can break them when she wants.

Reality Reveal No.3: Can producers change the show rules with little to no notice or do they have to give contestants a heads up?

TV Juriste Response: Some agreements include language stating that there may be hidden cameras. 

Jay wants to stop the cameras for Ruby’s sake but Quinn points out that America’s first black love affair is too important to not document. Jay agrees to go along although past experience should have warned him that Quinn never does anything from the goodness of her heart.

Rachel and Coleman suck up to John Booth, who turns out to be a huge fan of Everlasting. He gleefully asks if Beth Ann will win because he loves the idea of “Miss Sweet Home Alabama taking home a black suitor.” If John is any indication of what Everlasting viewers are thinking, it’s uncomfortable that people view Darius as a novelty that can shock others based on the color of his skin.

Quinn interrupts the conversation and John immediately turns his attention to her. He calls her the “true legend in the room,” impressed by Quinn’s work and her stunning beauty. He asks how she always manages to get the best drama and Quinn offers to show him firsthand. She just got a phone call that “the eagle has landed” and a bombshell is about to explode. Delighted, John follows her back to the Everlasting set.

Meanwhile, Chet and Jeremy are having their “We are men, hear us roar!” huddle somewhere on the Everlasting grounds. Surprisingly, Chet doesn’t want to complain about how women have ruined his life but accept that he’s done it himself. “I gotta take responsibility what I did–especially with Quinn,” he says. Jeremy attempts to complain about Coleman demoting him, but Chet slaps him out of self-pity. “That’s blame, not the truth,” he says. Jeremy admits that he hates Rachel and yet is still in love with her, although the revelation doesn’t make him feel any better.

Back in the dream suite, Darius and Rachel get to know each other better. Ruby reveals that she never told her activist father that she was dropping out of school for the show and fears disappointing him. Darius admits that his football career supports his whole family and he wonders if he will be just as liked when he retires. Ruby assures him that she likes him as a person, not as a moneymaker. They kiss and start to have sex.

Jay calls Rachel to brag and mentions the hidden cameras. Rachel immediately knows that Quinn is up to no good and tells Jay to find out what is happening. She then tells Coleman that they need to get back to set.

It turns out that Quinn called in Ruby’s father, Dr. Carter, to the set and she takes him and Booth to the control room. Dr. Carter is horrified to see his daughter having sex on the cameras and demands to see Ruby. Quinn agrees and allows the camera to follow them to the dream suite. Coleman, Rachel, and Jay try to stop them but Quinn points out that this is great drama.

“You can let this be the great piece of television that you know it is,” Quinn says. “This is who you are Rachel and this is what we love to do.”

Rachel hesitates but agrees to let the cameras in to watch Dr. Carter interrupt the sex and lecture Ruby on how she is embarrassing herself for a guy who doesn’t even use his platform for the greater good. Nevertheless, Ruby insists on staying. “I’m so ashamed of you,” Dr. Carter says before he leaves.

Even though she let the cameras into the room, Rachel blasts Quinn for humiliating Ruby as retaliation for Rachel hooking up with Coleman. Quinn tells Rachel that Coleman will never be her ticket out of Everlasting and he will steal all of her ideas, just like Chet did to Quinn. “In three years, I will have my own show and a man who loves me,” declares Rachel.  “He’s a user,” warns Quinn.

Before the elimination ceremony starts, Darius and Ruby speak. She apologizes for her father but admits he had a point: Darius could make a difference if he did more. Darius is uncomfortable with Ruby’s pressure and eliminates her alongside Dominique. He tells her that he will never be good enough for her and she should find someone better. Shockingly, Yael is still the game.

Jay blames Ruby’s elimination on Rachel’s decision to let the cameras in and storms off from her. Similarly, Coleman is distant towards Rachel after filming finishes. John is delighted by the drama and asks Quinn to go home with him. Quinn attempts to decline, explaining that her father’s funeral is in the morning. Undeterred, John offers to accompany her to buy a coffin. It’s a helluva way to ask for a second date and Quinn accepts, while Chet mopes from afar.

Jeremy finds Rachel in the wardrobe trailer and drunkenly rages at her for causing his problems. She attempts to get away from him but Jeremy violently shoves Rachel to the ground. Luckily, Chet arrives and throws Jeremy out of the trailer. “I tried to help you,” says Chet. “You’re fired.”


Chet asks Rachel if she is okay. “I just need to change my clothes,” she says, still shaken.

That’s not all she needs to change…


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