UnREAL S1, E3: Home Sweet Home

UnReal Recap Episode 3: Home Sweet Home Even though Rachel’s vengeful roommate sent Rachel’s embarrassing love letter to the entire crew, everyone is focused on the show. This week, Adam’s best friend Roger h... Read More...

UnREAL S1E2: The Bitch Hunt

UnReal Recap Episode 2: The Bitch Hunt It’s the morning after the stress-filled first night of filming Everlasting and Rachel is still on set. Quinn is furious that Adam eliminated Britney, whom the producers... Read More...
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UnREAL Recap S1E1: Let’s Get UnReal

If you've watched an episode of reality TV, you probably already suspected every detail is manufactured to create the most drama and hence, the most ratings. Lifetime's newest series, UnReal, gives you a look at how reality TV sausage is made!