TV Talk Rules


Do Unto Others . . .

Be respectful, dare I say, even kind to your fellow fans.


No Harassment or Name Calling

TJ TV Chat Rooms and Forums are bully-free zones. You can get excited. You can be enthusiastic. But, don’t be nasty. You will be removed from a TJ TV Chat Room for name calling, bullying, or harassing behavior.


No Slurs or Curse Words

Do not use curse words; racial, ethnic, or gender slurs; or obscene words. Surely, you can say what you want to say without those words. If you can’t – buh bye!


We’re Not Buying What You’re Selling

Please don’t post spam or solicitations in the TJ TV Chat Rooms or Forums. We are well aware that you probably have a sister-in-law who made a bazillion dollars in ten minutes working from home and that you’d be happy to provide us with a link. That’s ok. We’re good. Everyone is here to talk TV, period. If you want to advertise on TV Juriste, we’d be discuss advertisement opportunities.


Au Revoir

TV Juriste reserves the right to remove any comments that violate these Rules. We also reserve the right to block a repeat offender from returning to chat rooms or forums.


No Spoilers

Make sure you’re in the right TJ TV Chat Room for your time zone. Please don’t post spoilers.