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If You Can’t Stand the Heat, The Least You Can Do is Clean the Kitchen

The episode opens with Ichabod (Tom Mison) cleaning and cooking for Abbie (Nicole Beharie) because she sprung him from an INS detention center last week and is allowing him to stay with her until he finds a new home.

Nice.  TV Juriste is officially granting this episode a gold star  on behalf of #AbbieMillsDeservesBetter campaign. No, the site cannot speak for all fans nor even a fraction of those who participated in the campaign. (Although, we were the first ones to document the campaign). However, on behalf of women everywhere who deserve better, TV Juriste is comfortable saying, yes, it’s nice to see Cranky Crane show appreciation for long-suffering, always helpful Abbie Mills. And, it’s always nice to see a man who’s been the recipient of a woman’s good will and generosity doing a little cleaning and cooking.

Despite his good intentions, Crane botched the dinner. (Hell’s Teeth!). The witnesses-turned-roomies ended up enjoying Chinese takeout and Crane’s attentive listening to Abbie talking about her career aspirations, until their dinner is interrupted by a call to investigate the Monster of the Week.

Secrets Will Kill You

Pandora (Shannyn Sossamon) has conjured up a shadowy creature that thrives on secrets from her little box of horrors. She takes her pet shadow secret grabber (which looks like the dementors from Harry Potter) with her to Sleepy Hollow where it causes a stressed out man to reflect on a work-related secret apparently also known to two of his colleagues. Pandora’s shadowy secret grabber tries to extract (or feeds off of ) the secret which simultaneously causes the man to die from a heart attack . . .  or something.

Chopsticks can wait; Abbie and Crane are on the case!

They aren’t the only ones. At the crime scene, they run into the Agent Daniel Reynolds (Lance Gross), the man who will replace the boss murdered by last week’s Monster of the Week. Daniel is not just another one of Abbie’s doomed bosses. Daniel is a probably doomed boss who dated Abbie when the two of them attended FBI training. (No, it’s not clear how or why Daniel would end up being the head of an FBI division less than a year after graduating from the Academy.)

Like a stereotypical house husband upon meeting Daniel Reynolds, Crane wastes no time marking his territory – he sidling up to Abbie, introducing imself to Daniel, and mentioning that the investigation interrupted their dinner. Crane doesn’t leave until he’s given Mr. Tall Dark and Ambitious a Cranky colonial side-eye.

Crane doesn’t get far before he encounters Pandora and hears creepy voices that sends Abbie and Crane to the archives for supernatural research, where Abbie learns that when Crane isn’t cleaning and pondering her lingerie he’s cooking up a plan to save the archives by having it declared a historic landmark. She looks at him with heart-eyes while he goes into full Cranky Crane mode – apothecary, this; I’ve got to preserve my colonial soul, that, etc. etc. (Take that as a lesson, gentlemen. Your eccentricities will appear charming in the after glow of performing a few household chores).

Abbie brushes aside Ichabod’s effort to learn more about her relationship with Daniel. Instead the two learn that Abbie’s ancestor, Grace Dixon, recorded information that could be helpful to combatting this week’s monster. Grace mentioned hearing rumors about a “whispering wraith” used by a British general to root out colonial spies.

A Sexy Betsy Flashback!

This week, Sexy Betsy (Nikki Reed) is attending a social gathering hosted by the British general in her role as Sexy Betsy, the Spy. Ichabod warns her that her cover and that of their compatriots has been blown by a traitor to their cause, Marcus Collins,  and they need to leave immediately. Sexy Betsy will use her [use your imagination] to beguile the British general while Ichabod warns the others. By the time she re-joins Crane, she’s half dressed, but wearing the British general’s jacket and she announces the other two are dead, presumably by the whispering wraith, which we’re told has attached itself to a human host, Marcus Collins. Okay.

Back to the Present

With this historical tidbit, Ichabod and Abbie face off against the whispering wraith. It attempts to suck secrets from Abbie and Crane (while Abbie inexplicably shoots at it as she does with all supernatural creatures). Bored with their secrets (I guess),  the wraith doesn’t kill them but instead takes off after a random Sleepy Hollow resident leading him to crash his car into a tree. “Secrets kill,” says the wraith. Okay, says the audience.

During their debriefing session, Crane confides that the wraith was feeding off of his secret that he seriously contemplated snitching on his compatriots during an interrogation by the British. (Oh, Hell’s Teeth, now all I can think about while watching that scene is that horrible song from a recent Empire episode).

Perpetually guarded Abbie is not as forthcoming with her secret. Instead they attempt to lure the whispering wraith with the secrets held within the third of the three work colleagues whose work secret the wraith apparently desires. They determine that by calling the wraith by the name of its human host, Marcus Collins, they can take away its power. Secrets lose their destructive power when brought to light. #MESSAGE.

Abbie is then prodded by Ichabod to reveal her secret. She’s been stalking her father, whom she hasn’t seen since she was six. Looks like we’ve got another “very special Abbie Mills episode a la Mama” in our future, Sleepy Heads. Stay tuned.

In other news, Jenny and Joe

Jenny (Lyndie Greenwood) and Joe Corbin (new series regular, Zach Appelman) spend most of the episode hanging out among the trees. Joe calls Jenny up when visits Jenny’s trailer to deliver some things she left in Sheriff Corbin’s trailer and finds that it’s been ransacked.  Why is Jenny staying in a trailer in the woods instead of with Abbie or Joe?.

Later in the episode, Joe ends up being kidnapped by the person, who it turns out, knows Jenny and is actually searching for an artifact, we first saw Jenny researching in the Season 3 premiere. She gives it to the guy (but not before practicing her BAMF kickboxing moves). Jenny and Joe end the episode with Joe beseeching Jenny to let him join the Scooby Team.

Sleepy Head Mood After Two Episodes

TV Juriste is bored this week. This is not a site that likes (or intends to spend much time covering) procedurals! But, we’re hanging on in hopes that Pandora will become more than a big bad who pulls monsters of the week out of her box of horrors. Pandora’s story arc needs to be linked to Ichabod and Abbie in their capacity as witnesses and to larger themes of good, evil, and danger that, even if not apocalyptic, at least extend beyond the small town of Sleepy Hollow. If the show becomes Law and Order: Sleepy Hollow, it will be hard to remain interested.

As for Sexy Betsy, it’s such a silly, unnecessary character. Granted, the character, storyline and actor are not quite as jaw-droppingly awful as she-who-shall-not-be-named. But, the whole thing is just odd in a way that is boring and anachronistic rather than fun and campy. Why did anyone think this character would be interesting?

Sleepy Hollow

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We are very grateful to have Ichabod Crane’s piercing eyes staring at us courtesy of Randi Laing. You can see more of her art on her page.

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