Sleepy Hollow Recaps: Insane in the Membrane for Crane

They visit Hawley to get a weapon to use against the Weeping Lady. Once again, Ichabod and Hawley exchange words: Ichabod accuses Hawley of preening and posturing (pot, I’d like you to meet, kettle). Hawley tells Ichabod to “get the hell out to my personal space.” So they’re becoming good friends.

After getting a special weapon from Hawley, the team head off to rescue Katrina. They’re too late. The Weeping Lady has taken Katrina to the river. Guess what? Katrina uses magic to rescue her damn self! We are so proud of Katrina!

Katrina meets up with Abbie and Ichabod in the forest. She tells them Henry-Jeremy probably used “dark magic” to raise Mary Wells’ spirit. She’ll need another witch to help her combat Henry-Jeremy’s magic. Sigh. Abbie volunteers thinking a “witness” is the next best thing to a witch. Double Sigh. The sacrificial lamb act is getting old Grace Abigail Mills.

The spell works. As Mary Wells’ spirit departs, Ichabod cradles her dying corpse and asks her what happened. The last thing Mary does before her spirit leaves is point to Katrina.

Uh oh. I hate to over-use this gif, but I’m sure Abbie was sitting there exactly like this:

Initially, Katrina wants to talk about it later. Ichabod, says “naw, we’re gonna talk about it NOW.” (not in those exact words).

Katrina explains that Mary asked her to meet by the river, accused her of bewitching Ichabod to make him turn against Mary and his country. Mary rushed toward Katrina, but ended up tripping, falling and hitting her head. Katrina doesn’t really say how Mary’s body ended up in the river (!!!). After disposing of Mary’s body (just calling it like we see it), Katrina forged the letter from Mary to Ichabod about returning to England.

In other freaking words, Katrina (1) never told Ichabod a woman he’s known since childhood was dead, (2) dumped her body in a river, (3) forged a letter to keep the truth of Mary’s death from Ichabod and her family, (4) did all of this to keep Ichabod from returning to England, getting caught up in the funeral and potentially abandoning his witness duties


Ichabod makes this face and calls Katrina out for all her other lies and omissions – about being a witch, spying for Washington, etc.Sleepy Hollow's Ichabod Crane from The Weeping Lady

Then here comes Headless ready to kill Ichabod. (Abbie warns Ichabod, not Katrina). However, without skipping a beat, Katrina, uses the same loving, soothing tones she just used with Ichabod to ask Headless to spare Ichabod’s life. Then, she tells Headless, “I am ready to go home,” takes Headless’s hand and walks away. Poor Ichabod.

Again, Stay In Your Lane Baby Boy Crane!

Henry-Jeremy gets spanked by Moloch for all the Weeping Lady shenanigans which could have harmed Katrina. Moloch’s plan is to use Katrina as a hellfire shard (wth??). Henry-Jeremy whines that he was just trying to please Moloch. Moloch tells him to follow orders, period. Henry-Jeremy sits in the middle of the floor sobbing like a big old evil baby.


Open Questions

What’s a “hellfire shard”?

Can we trust Katrina after this episode? Did Mary fall or was she pushed?


When Ichabod said nothing and no one can come between the witnesses from now on do you think he’s legit done with Katrina? Or, does he just need a few drinks and to cool down.

Why are the two current horsemen such emo messes! One is completely whipped. The other is crying like a toddler because his “daddy” is mad at him.


Best Lines

“Anyone could see that girl had a case of Crane on the brain.” Abbie talking about Caroline.

“A missive composed by thumbs cannot adequately convey emotion.” Ichabod. Abbie, “hence, emoticons.” Ichabod “a grimacing lemon caricature, yes that should do the trick.”