Sleepy Hollow Recaps: Insane in the Membrane for Crane

“Thumbs Cannot Convey My Deepest Desire To Keep You Forever in the Friend Zone, Respectfully I am Ichabod Crane”

Ichabod goes to Caroline’s home to apologize in person (“as a gentleman should”) for hurting her feelings. He adamantly rejects Abbie’s suggestion that a text could do the trick. (see “Best Lines” below). After a sweet exchange that ends with Ichabod bowing (cute!), Caroline closes the door and begins hearing the sound of water and a woman weeping. Caroline enters a room and a woman shrouded in black lace attacks her.

And with that scene, we get our first glimpse of our monster of the week — The Weeping Lady. Unfortunately, in the very next scene we get our last glimpse of Caroline as the coroner zips her lifeless body into a body bag by the river.

The Weeping Lady

Abbie fills Ichabod in on the basic outline of the 200+ year Sleepy Hollow legend about a woman who killed herself after being jilted by her husband or lover. Abbie compiles a list of research materials for the two of them to research and suggests they should “divide and conquer.” #EpisodeTheme.

After the witnesses split up in the library, the cute red haired girl in 5th grade “witch of extraordinary powers,” Katrina, slips her love note to Ichabod using her carrier raven.

Meanwhile, Abbie runs into Hottie Hawley in the library. He apologizes for abandoning them in the Pied Piper episode and offers to help them catch the next “critter.” Right after Hawley struts off, Abbie encounters a critter weeping in the library. Abbie, being Abbie, pulls out her gun. The otherworldly Weeping Lady grabs Abbie and pulls her into a black puddle and the two struggle underwater, right there in a black puddle in the middle of the library.  Ichabod manages to pull Abbie out of the library puddle, but she’s not breathing. Ichabod freaks out “no, no, no, Abbie.” Hawley brings Abbie back to life with some good loving CPR.

Ambulance workers check Abbie out, right there in the library, then the witnesses get back to their work.

Pause, let this sink in for a minute – ambulance workers treated a woman for symptoms associated with almost drowning IN. THE. MIDDLE. OF. THE. LIBRARY.

Back to our adventure, as they continue with their research Ichabod decides that the Weeping Lady is attacking people he cares about “deeply.Oh, Ichabod, everything is not about you.

Yes, it is. The Cranes are at the center of what the audience originally believed would be an apocalyptic battle between the forces of good and evil. What we’re increasingly realizing is that the forces of good and evil determining the destiny of the entire world have a severe case of “Crane on the brain.”

Mary is Quite Contrary, Because That Witch Took Her Man

During Abbie’s near drowning in the library, she ripped a piece of lace from the Weeping Lady’s shawl. Ichabod recognizes it as lace belonging to Mary Wells. Ichabod’s and Mary’s parents promised them to each other when they were children. Mary remained down with the program once she became an adult; Ichabod not so much. The two of them agreed to break up when he left England to fight the war.

At least that’s what Ichabod thought. So, he was very surprised when Mary showed up in America while he was posing for the cover of a Harlequin romance novel performing some sweaty, chest-hair bearing tasks for Katrina. Mary is immediately suspicious and jealous of Katrina.

Ichabod tells Abbie he received a letter from Mary the very next day apologizing for her behavior and saying she would return to England. The team figures out that for some reason Mary’s spirit is in Sleepy Hollow and that Katrina probably will be her next victim, because if Katrina is in an episode at some point the storyline will involve rescuing her.

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