Sleepy Hollow Recaps: Insane in the Membrane for Crane

Miss Caroline’s Goodies

The show opens with Miss Caroline, the red-haired war re-enactor we met in season 1, giving Ichabod various goodies — clothes, butter, jam. Ichabod happily receives all of it until she prepares to offer him *ahem* certain other goodies. Just as he’s nervously explaining that he’s married, in walks Abbie (without knocking). Completely flustered, Caroline tells Abbie, “it’s not what it looks like, Mrs. Crane.” Abbie, “Mrs. who now?” Poor confused Miss Caroline leaves quickly.

Ichabod claims he’s been so worried about Katrina he hadn’t noticed that Miss Caroline had “a case of Crane on the brain.

Katrina is a Very Basic Witch 

Still in Abraham’s house, we finally get to see Katrina using her extraordinarily powerful magic powers. Katrina’s no joke. She’s doing big things, man! So, yeah, check this out. Katrina summons a bird and tells the bird to send a secret note to Ichabod filled with critical intelligence she’s gathered about Moloch’s plans. This is why it was so important for Katrina to stay with Headless as a spy.

Ha ha – nope, not even.

To her credit, we see Katrina working very hard to mix up some potions to create – ink. Using that ink, she wrote a note. Then she summoned a bird to send a love note to Ichabod that was about as deep and informative as one a 5th grader might send over summer break to the boy she’s been crushing on since 3rd grade.

Stay in Your Lane, Baby Boy Crane

Abraham, who is a better spy than Katrina, suspects something’s up. He tells Henry-Jeremy that the spell to prevent Katrina from using magic in his house is wearing off.

Jeremy says he’ll check on it, but proposes they probably need to sever Katrina’s bonds to Ichabod. This kid!  Abraham tells his step-son Jeremy to do as he’s told.  Henry-Jeremy ignores him (he’s not his real dad) and decides to use Katrina’s sins to undermine Katrina and Ichabod’s relationship.

Next: A nice lady dies, Abbie almost drowns, Ichabod freaks out, and Hawley