Sleepy Hollow Recap: Sleepy Walking With Wendigos

A Sleepy HollowWalking Dead mash-up, just in time for Halloween. Are you ready for some Sleepy Walking?

Ichabod and Abbie had no choice. This week, they faced off against an attractive young man who has been transformed into a human-flesh eating monster. But, it’s not Gareth, the hungry, hungry hipster-cannibal from The Walking Dead. It’s Sheriff Corbin’s son!!

That’s right, Sleepy Hollow‘s 20-something cannibal is Joe Corbin, Sheriff’s Corbin’s son. Joe is back in Sleepy Hollow after being honorably discharged during a tour of duty in Afghanistan. He has more than a chip on his shoulder against former-babysitter, Abbie, he’s also the victim of the Curse of the Wendigo.

Abbie Mills: Cop, Yoga Instructor and Therapist for Depressed Men

Abbie does triple duty this week. When the episode opens, Abbie and Ichabod are in a candlelit room doing hand stands. Abbie is using yoga to cheer up Ichabod, who’s depressed after learning about Katrina’s forgery and lies and then seeing her walk off hand-in-hand with Headless. Ichabod hates yoga. He becomes particularly uncomfortable when Abbie says the yoga moves will strengthen their buns. We suspect Ichabod also isn’t accustomed to hearing a reference to “double jug” in mixed company.

They ditch yoga for a bar. This is where Abbie first learns Joe Corbin is back in town when she breaks up a bar fight between Joe and other bar patrons. This also where Abbie, the therapist, goes into action again. Remaining remarkably calm as Joe calls her a “charity case” that got his father killed.

Abbie gets a call to investigate a noise complaint at Pioneer Point. That’s where she and Ichabod briefly see a beast, discover several dead bodies, including one that’s been “hollowed out,” and then find a slightly injured, visibly shaken, fully clothed Joe Corbin.

The sight of the gaping hole in the dead man’s body, puts The Walking Dead‘s BBQ of poor D’Angelo’s Bob’s leg to shame. Don’t take offense Walking Dead writers, your show is usually ten times more disgusting than Sleepy Hollow.

Abbie visits Joe in the hospital, where the chip on his shoulder is still firmly in place. Joe considers Abbie’s investigation of the murder of several men at Pioneer Point as an opportunity to complain about his dad being five hours late for a long ago fishing trip because he was teaching Abbie how to shoot a gun. Don’t get me started on self-absorbed grown men lashing out at women who care about them because of unresolved daddy issues . . . Abbie, can I have an appointment?

Next: Daniel Boone, Jenny, Hawley, and Big Ash!

  • disqus_mcNbCYslzC

    I am of the opinion that no one except the most ardent Ichatrina fans want to sit through ANOTHER SAVE KATRINA EPISODE. What happened to the Apocalypse? And what of Ichabod making a comparison between Joe and Henry? Joe was an unwilling participant. Henry willingly gave his soul to Moloch for the specific purpose of exacting revenge. Every act Henry has committed he has done so willingly and with shameless aplomb. I hope Abbie rethinks her agreement with Ichabod on this one.

  • tvjuriste

    Based on previews, we will have MORE THAN ONE. In my next recap, I’m going to list all the save Katrina segments. I’ve taken a sneak peek at Monday’s episode. . . the Ichatrina folks will LOVE it. All other fans will be VERY disappointed. I already know the title of my recap – Sleepy Hollow Are You Trying to Break up With Us?

    That episode truly feels like a passive aggressive breakup when someone knows what makes you mad and does it so that you will break up w him.

    • Haloismyb*tch12

      Looking forward to the episode and your recap, but my take on this is a bit different…

      I think this upcoming episode is the last hurrah for Ichatrina fans. There’s no way those two can be together and the show work so they have to be separated. The writers have to know by now that Ichabod pining for Katrina isn’t going over well and having them work closely together as part of the team ruins the compelling Ichy/Abbie dynamic (and I’m not speaking of romance).

      I really feel the writers are throwing a bone to Ichatrina fans and are actually trying to separate the two whether the fans know it or not. Yes, there will be a lot of Katrina coming up but I’m thinking she’ll either end up an adversary for team Witness or run her own parallel operation. The days of saving Katrina will soon be over. I really don’t want her off the show, though, and hopefully she’ll be playing a more compelling role in the future.