Sleepy Hollow Recap, S.2, Ep. 3: Inner Demons

I told you everyone was cranky in this episode. Abbie has good reason to doubt Katrina; but not because Katrina is a dedicated mother. Yes, from her scene with Headless, we do learn that Katrina plans to play the “listen to me, I’m your mother” angle. But, IF writers keep Katrina’s character consistent with her past actions, this is just an angle. Katrina abandoned Henry-Jeremy when he needed her most. Katrina was hanging out in purgatory, looking fabulous, lighting candles, and enjoying Beyonce’s wind machine, while Henry-Jeremy was beaten and then buried. When it comes to motherhood, let’s get really real for a moment, please:

Katrina Crane = Carrie Mathison of Homeland

The team puts Ichabod’s baby’s mama drama aside long enough to deal with Jenny. Gutsy Abbie stands in front of Jenny’s gun to stop her from shooting Sheriff Reyes, telling Jenny that shooting Reyes will keep them from ever knowing the truth about their mother.  Jenny wavers. Ichabod uses this as an opportunity to tackle her, making her drop the coin, and then he kicks it to Hawley who protects it in the stained glass and then gets the heck out of dodge.

Once everyone is safe, Sheriff Reyes shows a little heart and lets Abbie see her mother’s records. Abbie learns that demons drove her mother to commit suicide. Hawley also shows some heart, keeping the coin, but delivering a fake passport to ID-less Ichabod. And, the witnesses agree that they must stay true to each other during the coming war, because “trust is the only currency of any value.”



  • Henry-Jeremy is building a miniature replica of Sleepy Hollow. Hmm . . .
  • Katrina believes Henry-Jeremy is acting out to get her motherly attention. As proof, she points to Henry-Jeremy’s decision to move into Frederick’s Manor, which she inaccurately refers to as their family home. Whatevs, Katrina.

#1 -Henry-Jeremy was born there, but it’s not your family home. We learned last season it belonged to warlock and abolitionist, Lachlan Fredericks.

#2 – In the same episode, Ichabod concluded the Fredrick’s Manor, which originally had been a sanctuary from evil had succumbed to evil. So, maybe that’s why Henry-Jeremy’s there.

  • What’s up with the birds in Sterling Forest? Perhaps, they Jenny and Abbie’s mother sent them from the after-life. Remember, Katrina used bird form to communicate with the witnesses last season