Sleepy Hollow Recap, S.2, Ep. 3: Inner Demons

Next stop, Ichabod and Abbie meet Hawley in a bar, where he’s waiting with 2 bottles of beer he ordered for them. Salty as ever, Crane lectures that the picture of Samuel Adams on the beer is really Paul Revere. Then, Crane goes off on a waitress who cards him. Once they get past Ichabod’s tantrums, Hawley tells them Jenny borrowed one of his guns. Abbie figures out that Jenny has the Judas Coin.

Hawley and Ichabod move their little cat fight to a church to get stained glass, which is supposed to neutralize the coin’s powers. Ok. Meanwhile, Abbie learns from a colleague that both Sheriff Reyes and Jenny are headed to Sterling Forest.

By the time the team meets up in the forest to stop Jenny, Ichabod and Hawley are buddies. Just kidding, they’re still bickering. But their petty little battles are the least interesting part of the trip. When Ichabod presses Abbie to tell him whether she thinks he should have “allowed” Katrina to stay with Headless as a spy, Abbie responds:

Allowed her? She’s, one, a grown woman. Two, a witch. Three, a redhead. You couldn’t have stopped her if you tried. I know she’s your wife, but she’s also Henry’s mother. You’re asking me to bet my life on whether when it counts a mother will turn against her son?

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