Sleepy Hollow Recap, S.2, Ep. 3: Inner Demons

Jenny’s friend, Hawley, who tells the witnesses more about the coin and offers to help. The witnesses head back to the police station, where Abbie investigates whether the suspect in recent bombing had the Judas Coin. While she’s doing that, Ichabod confronts Henry-Jeremy (who got to the coin before Abbie).

Ichabod tries to reason with Henry-Jeremy as a father. Bad move. Baby Boy Crane clowns poor Ichabod. (“Are we starting over? Are you going to take me down to the fishing hole?”). Not even two seconds after getting owned by his son, Sheriff Reyes tells Ichabod he needs to produce some identification, completely ignoring his entire self-righteous “give me liberty and let me roam these police halls” rant. Poor Ichabod. Tail tucked firmly between his legs (or, maybe that’s his jacket), he slinks out of the police station.

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