Sleepy Hollow Recap, S.2, Ep. 3: Inner Demons

That Sheriff Reyes. What a charmer. In a brief conversation with Jenny, Reyes initially compares Jenny to a dog on a leash, follows that up with faux concern for Jenny’s well-being,”I just don’t want to see you end up like your mother,” and then caps it off by telling Jenny she needs to prove she doesn’t still belong in Tarrytown. (Jenny, when you referred to Reyes as a female dog later in the episode, that was not right. But, it wasn’t wrong, either).

After reviewing footage from the bank showing Henry-Jeremy passing a coin to the bank employee, Ichabod explains that after Benedict Arnold became a traitor right after being exposed to a set of coins Washington asked his soldiers to retrieve. The witnesses correctly conclude that Henry-Jeremy is circulating the magic Judas coin(s) to recruit soldiers for Moloch.

Fresh out of jail and right after dealing with Reyes, Jenny tells the witnesses they should ask her friend, Nick Hawley, to help them find the Judas coin. That’s when the hell unleashed on Earth that had nothing to do with Moloch. The Mills sisters got into a HUGE fight.

Jenny used Abbie’s work account to hack into Sheriff Reyes’s personnel records. This makes Abbie angry. Then Jenny became upset with Abbie for failing to tell her that Sheriff Reyes worked for the police department when their mother committed to Tarrytown Psychiatric Hospital. The place where Mama Mills eventually committed suicide. In the midst of their fight, both sisters learn for the first time that Reyes’s testimony landed their mother in Tarrytown. Intense scene!

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