Sleepy Hollow Recap, S.2, Ep. 3: Inner Demons

Last week, the witnesses created a “Franklinstein” monster to help them save Katrina, despite Jenny’s warning that “the last time we went on a mission to save Katrina, it didn’t end well.” They should have listened to Jenny.

They ended up losing Franklinstein, which means they also lost the Headless Horseman’s head! Um, this is kind of a big deal. If Headless gets his head back it’s supposed to trigger the end of days. To make matters worst, Katrina refused to be rescued. She stayed with Headless to be a spy. That should work out well for the witnesses. Check out some of her awesome spy moves.

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This week, our focus shifts away from monsters and witches to internal demons and . . . a word that rhymes with witches, as the witnesses search for a magical “Judas coin” that Henry-Jeremy is using to create havoc in Sleepy Hollow. An alternate title for this week’s episode could have been The One Where Everyone is Pissed Off

Before the full blow-by-blow, let’s begin with the end:

War magnifies allegiances and loyalties . . . Everything is in motion now. The battle lines are drawn. On which side each of the players falls remains to be seen.

These were Ichabod’s thoughts during a rare moment when he wasn’t in cranky Crane mode. ¬†Not sure whether it was Crane’s failure to convince Katrina to join him or the appearance of handsome hottie¬†Hawley in this one, but Crane spent this episode frowning, lecturing, and snapping at everyone.

Henry-Jeremy was at the top of his game. He stayed two steps ahead of the witnesses. When they tried to visit Captain Irving in Tarrytown Psychiatric Hospital, Henry-Jeremy, Esq. had already blocked their access.

They also were too late to stop Henry-Jeremy from passing the Judas coin to a long-time bank employee who within minutes of getting it turns into a gun-wielding thief (did she already have a gun or did she beat up a security guard?) Sheriff Reyes shot the bank employee in the chest while Abbie was still trying to convince the employee to drop her weapon.

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