Sleepy Hollow Recap: Karaoke Night

Sleepy Hollow is back, y’all.

Kali Yuga does not compare to the all-time best Sleepy Hollow episode, Midnight Ride. But, it’s the first episode in what seems like forever to focus on some of the season 1 goodness that got many of us hooked.

Sleepy Hollow Fan Art Ichabbie

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Ichabod and Abbie: “You Learned My Shanty”

Like the season 1 baseball scene or the Icabod learns to love cappuccino scene earlier this season, Sleepy Heads enjoy hanging out with Ichabod and Abbie, even when all they’re doing is hanging out. So, yes, other fandom communities can call us crazy for being ecstatic about the Ichabbie karaoke scenes, but we’ve earned those scenes. This fandom has been through a lot!

The karaoke scenes showed the audience  – without flowery protestations of epic love – the depth of Crane and Abbie’s affection for each other.

Kali Yuga also made clear the writers understand that fans don’t think all is okay between the witnesses. Ichabod has betrayed Abbie on multiple occasions. Mid-way through this episodes monster-of-the-week adventure (more on that below), Ichabod and Abbie found themselves locked in a vault.

They pace the room, with Mison’s fingers at their fidgety best, discussing their communication problems. Not sure whether the body language and movement during those scenes were choices made by the writers, director or actors, but those scenes were riveting, although subtle. When Abbie rested her hand on Ichabod’s shoulder, to get him to focus on her words, he froze and focused. When she removed her hand, his hand fluttered up to where hers had been. (gifs anyone?). Mison and Beharie’s acting styles are so in sync that even a scene where they’re discussing communication problems can’t help but reveal the characters’ strong, improbable bond.

Sleepy Hollow, even at its best, tends to lean too heavily on exposition; often telling the audience, things it would be better to show. Whenever an episode or scene manages to do a little more showing, rather than just telling, everybody wins. The witnesses did their thing in this episode; they are Sleepy Hollow’s primary strength and the main thing Sleepy Heads want to see. #WitnessRepresent. Got that, writers?

Mills Sisters

Like the relationship between Ichabod and Abbie, the one between Jenny and Abbie works. It works when they’re getting answers from a knuckle head in a pawn shop with their good cop, bad mental patient routine. It works when each of them delicately discusses the men in their lives who don’t treat them well. It works when they’re arguing – as they did in one of the other strong episodes this season, the Root of Evil.

We’re hoping the season 2 finale death Orlando Jones mentioned during his recent round of press interviews does not take Jenny Mills away from us. Abbie’s already lost everyone close to her. If the writers take Jenny, season 3 should open with Abbie curled up in bed. She’s been through way too much without any emotional support. No one’s that strong.

Sprinkle a Little Katrina Where Needed; She’s Paprika, Not a Main Dish.

Season 2 also proves Katrina really doesn’t work as a main or side dish. Some Katrina fans think Abbie’s phrase about Ichabod’s singing also applies to Katrina:

“The talent is there, he just needs new material.”

But . . . We’ve seen no evidence of great talent. But, it is true that Katrina’s material has been quite bad. We liked how she was used in this episode. And, we’re willing to give her a chance. Let’s see how Katia Winter handles her upcoming dual role in next week’s, Spellcaster episode. Winter will be playing Katrina and one of Katrina’s ancestors during the Salem Witch Trials.

Kali Yuga’s final scene – with Katrina evaluating the status of Irving’s soul – was a good one. We still couldn’t quite understand Winter’s breathy whisper, but the shady look she gave Irving and Cynthia after lying to them about Irving’s soul – kudos, Ms. Winter. Do more of that sort of thing. We’re looking forward to having Katrina show more of the witch that lies within, BUT only as seasoning never as a main course.

Creepy Sleepy

The last scene with Irving, Katrina, and Cynthia – was another example of Sleepy Hollow at its best. Candlelight, shadows, even Katrina’s ominous whispers worked. Katrina gives Irving’s soul the thumbs up. Yay! But, then we see him hug Cynthia and learn he has no reflection – EXCELLENT creepy ending. Is Irving a vampire, demon, zombie or combination of all three? Can’t wait to find out.


Kali Yugu showed us Sleepy Hollow’s strengths, but there are still a few issues.

Next: Is Shirtless Hawley gone for good?

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