Sleepy Hollow, remember when we first got together a year ago? You really kept our toes curled in Season 1. The Headless Horseman was a complete bada$$, terrorizing everyone with his machine gun. And, we couldn’t stop talking, tweeting, blogging, and gif’ing about you. We had it bad, but it felt so good. Yeah, those were good times.

Old School R&B break-up song of your choice playing in the background 

Sleepy Hollow, we need to talk.

Things are starting to feel . . .different. You’ve changed.

Where’s that Headless demon who first caught our eye? Now when we see you, half the time Headless has a head (!!!) and spends his days making snacks for another man’s wife. We have no idea how he spends his nights; not with us.

So, we have to ask . . .Do you feel like we’re trapping you in the supernatural, apocalypse fighting genre, when you really want to be a Downton Abbey-type soap opera?

The Deliverance Episode Has Us Questioning This Relationship 

Maybe we’re being paranoid. But, as we watched Deliverance we got that feeling you get when a passive aggressive dating partner starts doing all the things you hate to get you to break up with him/her.

Deliverance opens where we left off last week, with a Henry-Jeremy created poison-infused spider crawling into a sleeping Katrina’s mouth. Then, we get to see the spider scene from Katrina’s vantage point. She’s dreaming about a sweet pillow talk session with a shirtless Ichabod. But then, her dream becomes a nightmare and we see Ichabod standing over her, coughing up a spider that goes into Katrina’s mouth.

Just in Time for Midterm Elections 

From there, we see Ichabod hanging out with Abbie as she votes.

This scene has a lot of what we still love about Sleepy Hollow. The witnesses playfully discuss topics ranging from American Idol-atry, voting rights for Black people and women of all colors, and which one of them is paying the bills. (Hint: It’s not the one nicknamed Ichabroke on Tumblr.)

We also noticed Nicole Beharie doing what both she and Tom Mison do so well using small gestures to flesh out their characters. While in line to vote, Abbie gives the woman behind her a smile/nod. Maybe it was the Black person nod” (described on ABC’s Black*ish) or just a small reminder that because Abbie has lived and worked in Sleepy Hollow her entire life, she’s likely to be familiar to and friendly with other residents. Either way, we see what you did there, Ms. Beharie.

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  • Haloismyb*tch12

    Just watched the episode and all this is just off the top of my head…

    First off, I really like Katrina in this episode. She hinted at having Abbie kill her to avoid the Moloch spawn being born and seemed generally un-shady–which disappoints me in some way. She did rock a corset with skinny jeans for awhile so I can’t complain much. Keep Katrina on the show. I really don’t care about the status of her marriage. she can be evil, separated from Crane emotionally or whatever-just keep her–(preferably in revealing clothing.)

    That being said, I wonder if Henry is going to play a “gollum” role a la LOTR. I think the bit of humanity within him is destined to play an important role in the future,

    Oh , and Headless is still a eunuch. As I’ve said elsewhere, (and I’ll quote Dr Evil again), “You’re semi-evil. You’re quasi-evil. You’re the margarine of evil. You’re the Diet Coke of evil. Just one calorie, not evil enough.”

    Looking forward to hearing some other thoughts…

    • tvjuriste

      Hahaha – Yes, I don’t like the character, from a feminist standpoint, but the corset w/ jeans thing was cute!

      I’m honestly not sure what to think. I’m withholding judgment until the mid-season finale.

      I became annoyed with some of the same types of fans who annoyed me on the EW site.

      As I did here, I made the sem-tongue in cheek comment that Ichabod should be relieved of his witness duties because he’s breached his obligations. I think it all went over this person’s head. Obviously, I love Ichabod, I don’t want him off the show. I don’t REALLY want the spin-offs described above But. She. Couldn’t. Quite. Understand. Me. . . . .So she called me a shipper. Whatever.

      Bottom line – I’ve loved the show too much to give up. But, I am worried about the current path. I need them to save Irving. I need a better articulation of the rules of the Sleepy Hollow universe and the terms upon which they are fighting this battle. Do the witnesses have any special powers? Are their identities flexible? I have a lot of questions.

      The main thing that gives me hope is that apparently one of the writers said at a panel yesterday that their intention was for Abbie to be the person articulating the POV of the audience.

      • Haloismyb*tch

        Yes, there is so much the show needs to clarify regarding the mythology. What the hell is a “Witness” supposed to be doing? I might have to crack open a Bible to see if there are any hints in Revelation…

        I too, will continue to watch despite the show’s flaws. It’s too fun a ride to leave at this point. Lots of dismay on the boards today regarding this Katrina-centric episode, but I suspect ratings will be up. Hope the show doesn’t get the wrong idea from that.

        I continue to think that the show is trying to soften the blow to the Katrina fans as they work on getting her separated from Ichabod over the next few episodes. I suppose we’ll see.

        Oh, and very nice recap! I enjoyed it very much!

        • Haloismyb*tch12

          Looks like I was wrong about the ratings. Down to a new low…

          • coast11

            And it’s the ratings that worry me. They need something really huge to get attention on the show that could turn into a boost in ratings. Maybe something the fans could do to get the show some needed attention from the public and media. I don’t know. But the network isn’t going to carry this show forever if they don’t see some indication that the slide in ratings is ending and things are turning around. The direction they’ve gone in this season, where they decided to fix what wasn’t broken, has been disastrous, and I really do fear for the show’s survival. I know they get a big boost from DVR numbers, but is that enough to keep it on the air?

            There was a show a few years back–and I don’t remember which one–where something similar happened. The show went off track and loyal viewers became upset and started leaving in droves. The writers addressed the fans publicly–promised that things would change, and asked the fans to stick with them or come back. I’m not expecting that from the writers of Sleepy Hollow, but I think they need something equally dramatic at this point to save this.

          • tvjuriste

            I don’t think Fox would actually drop the show unless the ratings continue to slide because there are other gaps in its schedule. It is definitely disappointing that it’s losing so many of the Gotham fans.

            I love the show. What do you think fans who love the show, but don’t like its current direction, should do?

          • Haloismyb*tch12

            The ratings (at least the trend) are worrisome though I don’t think it’s in much danger of cancellation if they stay where they are.

            This season has been a “disaster” as you’ve said–for so many reasons. I was hopeful that they would do something interesting to integrate Katrina into the mix, but the way they’ve handled it has escalated the hatred to the point that even if they made her evil or somehow interesting, she’s no longer usable as a character in any fashion.

            I’m concerned that even if they re-tooled the show in a positive way, there are too many lame episodes coming up to stave off the hemorrhaging of viewers. An announcement by the writers that they really do recognize the problem and encouraging people to be patient would go a long way.

            I do love the show and even the worst episodes are better than 99% of what’s on right now, but the show has not only disappointed fans lately, but made a lot of them very angry. I can’t say I feel the anger, but I do feel the disappointment.

      • Haloismyb*tch12

        Interesting review of the episode by “Tom and Lorenzo” here: that is the first I’ve seen to articulate the lack of “epic-ness” of the show lately that we’ve discussed elsewhere.

        I’m coming to the viewpoint that the show is modeling itself on the old gothic soap-opera, “Dark Shadows” given the way things have been this season with Henry/Jeremy Crane serving as Barnabus Collins and Sleepy Hollow serving as Collinsport with the focus being on the Crane family.

        • Good recap. Don’t be shy about sprinkling links to any of my posts all around the inter webs. #CheapContentMarketing. Also, have you liked our FB page and followed us on Twitter? ‘We’re trying to be a little community and would love for you to join us Haloismyb*tch12 and spread the word!

        • navamske

          I’m coming to the viewpoint that the show is modeling itself on the old gothic soap-opera, “Dark Shadows” given the way things have been this season with Henry/Jeremy Crane serving as Barnabus Collins and Sleepy Hollow serving as Collinsport with the focus being on the Crane family.

          And Abbie — especially when she was trying last week to find a cure for Wendi-Jo — is Julia. She’s Abbie Hoffman!

          • Haloismyb*tch12

            Ah ha! Very clever! 🙂 Maybe the show should just go full-on gothic soap. I’d still watch! I was hoping for something different, but Dark Shadows was a lot of fun and I’ve only watched about 1 1/2 seasons so maybe now’s the time to catch up.

  • dalovelee

    I was more than a little peeved that it was a Katrina-Ichabod love fest..HEY SLEEPY HOLLOW WRITERS…I’m in this show for the Abbie Ichabod dynamic duo. Don’t be making my girl Abbie the second fiddle. Don’t mess with a good chemistry between the show’s leads to turn this into a soap opera.

  • Chrissy

    I was not a fan of last night’s episode. Ichabod worried about and trying to save his wife is nice…it just got old about 15 episodes ago. How many times and how many ways can they save the big, bad witch? Shouldn’t she be able to save herself by now? Shouldn’t she be adding something to the battle against evil instead of constantly detracting from it? The sad fact is Katrina was more helpful and less of a nuisance when she was trapped in Purgatory. Maybe she should go back there.

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