Sleepy Hollow Recap: Heartless

As The Crane-wreck Turns a.k.a. All My Cranes a.k.a. Days of Our Cranes

We’re still missing key foundational facts about the witnesses and their fight against the apocalypse. We also don’t know what’s going on with Frank or Jenny. But, this episode features multiple scenes taking us deeper into the Cranes’ marriage.

Crane admits he’s been distracted, because of Katrina. (Yes, we’ve noticed). He tells Abbie even though he’s happy to be with Katrina, “we’re not the people we once were.”

Abbie responds, “People change . . . They grow and evolve . . .Your relationship has to evolve as well,” because she’s not just a witness, a cop, and the person paying the bills; she’s the Crane family therapist.

Ichabod and the Succubus

When Ichabod and Hawley hunt down and eventually kill the Succubus, she targets Ichabod, not Hawley.

To help with the never-ending debates on IMDB and other virtual spots where Sleepy Hollow fans congregate, the answer is “yes,” the writers made the scene ambiguous:

  • Succubus is dressed like Katrina, so clearly she is the one Ichabod desires, right?
  • Except, the Succubus says Ichabod’s desire “burns strong even though you try so hard to hide it.” Why would he need to hide his desire for his wife?
  • She also says, “the emotion in your heart has soured, hasn’t it. I know that taste. It’s the taste of doubt.” That must apply to Katrina.
  • Then she says: “You don’t have to be strong anymore. You don’t have to pretend you’re not afraid of losing all you love, let me take your doubt away.” Is Ichabod afraid of losing Katrina to Abraham?

Despite the ambiguity, the primary message of Ichabod’s interaction with the Succubus seems to be that Ichabod and Katrina have a shaky marriage. In fact . . .

Is This The Episode Where the Cranes Decide to Take a Break?

Katrina tells Abbie she wants to destroy Moloch and to do that, she will return to Abraham and use his love for her to get close enough to kill Moloch. Katrina says she will tell Abraham that Ichabod has moved on with Abbie “by his side.” Is that just what Katrina plans to tell Abraham or does she have her own doubts about Ichabod?

Regardless of any doubts Katrina may have about Ichabod’s loyalty, this scene shows why the Cranes really are  mismatched. Ichabod felt honor-bound to reject Caroline’s romantic overtures in person. By contrast, Katrina wants someone else to tell her husband she’s returning once again to live with her former fiancé to fight Moloch and get some more of that quince tea, she enjoys so much.

When Ichabod hears Katrina’s back with Headless With a Head, he doesn’t seem disturbed or jealous. He seems resigned:

You were right, Leftenant, when you said we must allow relationships to evolve. We must allow them to follow their natural course. Katrina is the love of my life. But, she is also a highly skilled operative. A fact, I’ve tended to overlook.”

Do you think this is a hint from writers that Katrina cast a spell on Ichabod to win his love? Let us know in the comments.

Next: Apocalypse Now? 

  • tvjuriste

    By the way, did anyone else get the sense from the final scene that Katrina and Abraham were going to do the horizontal tango in their own private dance establishment? The way she reached for his hand . . . I mean, how else is she going to prove to him that she is over Ichabod and returning to him. Just curious how others interpret that scene?

    • Haloismyb*tch12

      Yes! Also the way she yearned for his quince tea makes me think she’s not without strong feelings for Abraham (especially as the Crane’s marriage is getting progressively shakier.)

  • Haloismyb*tch12

    Thanks for the great recap and I’m looking forward to the discussion of fan controversies later this week!

    The comments I’ve seen elsewhere regarding this episode are much more modulated and I even see some reluctant positive things being said about Katrina and Hawley from fans I wouldn’t expect to—very interesting.

    I thought the episode was interesting from the point of view of trying to figure out where they’re going to go with Katrina. The opening and the acting there was great–not because I think Ichabod and Katrina have an epic love, but because they so obviously DON’T and the actors are portraying that so well. Look at Ichabod’s body language and listen to his words. His marriage has become purely a duty. Katrina is trying to talk up the romance but is trying too hard… I think it’s clear the “lack of chemistry” in that scene is intentional and IMO well-done, though perhaps too subtle for fans who think the writers are pushing Ichatrina.

    The lack of epicness still bugs me and I think I can see the problem now. Alex Kurtzman in a Vulture article last year (when SH was an unexpected hit) mentioned how he embraces the soap opera aspects of shows, but more important, mentions his love for the show Twin Peaks and wants to recapture that vibe with SH. IMO, that’s fine for the first season when you have Ichabod and Abby trying to figure out what’s going on and what this threat is, but once it’s clear that the Apocalypse is imminent, the show has to move beyond a claustrophobic, Twin Peaks model and become BIGGER.

    • tvjuriste

      I like Hawley! I don’t understand the Hawley hate. I don’t like him as a substitute for Jenny and I don’t like the potential upcoming love triangle, but his character is a lot more fun than Luke from the 1st season.

      Ok, you’re blowing my mind with this concept that Katia and Tom intended to make Katrina and Ichabod look awkward. I’m tempted to re-watch the scene, but Winter’s line delivery made me feel embarrassed for her.

      I’m not saying you’re wrong, but I’m not convinced your theory is correct. I may be tainted by a few gifs circulating on Tumblr featuring Tom’s face as Ichabod leaned in to kiss Katrina earlier this season. He was not a happy camper . . . it made me think that maybe Mison and Winter are not exactly best buddies.

      If the actors and writers were intending to communicate that the Cranes are a profoundly awkward couple with little passion, then bravo – well played. There actually were several points in this episode when the lines could have been interpreted to have a different application — e.g., when Katrina walked in on Abbie and Ichabod by the fire place “I should have known . . . ” and when Ichabod and Abbie discussed whether opening one’s heart up to love would make things complicated . . .

      Maybe you’re right!

      There seems to be a surprising amount of consensus on the fundamental things that need to happen to bring about a course correction. I also read an interview with Kurtzman from this week in which he said that fan concerns cannot be dismissed and that the spend a lot of time reading what fans have to say . . . I suspect the second half of the season -the episodes airing in early 2015 – will be a lot better than the first half!

      • Haloismyb*tch12

        I don’t know for sure, of course, but it seems obvious to me and, at least, Tom Mison is too good an actor for that body language to be due to personal feelings toward the actress. I do think the Crane marriage is heading (perhaps too slowly) to a break-up.

        My opinion is that the writers recognized that they had to do SOMETHING with Katrina after last season and are working at getting her out of the picture but fans have misinterpreted Ichabod’s statements for the writers’ and the slow pace of the process has generated a lot of angst. There’s really no way Katrina could continue as Ichabod’s “true love” but the elimination of her couldn’t be capricious either, thus this drawn out saga.

        I do wish fans would have more patience. The writers aren’t total morons…Though implying that Jenny had a sexual past with Hawley wasn’t a good move. I read somewhere that there was a strong “code” between “Sistas” who are actually sisters against relations with sisters former lovers/boyfriends. I had no knowledge of that (as a white male) but I wonder if a POC liaison to review the scripts would be helpful?

        I, too, LIKE Hawley and especially like him in this episode. I think if the show could point out that Jenny and Hawley had no sexual relationship, he would be more accepted. I do like Jenny as well, but see no reason not to have both on the show.

        I’ll have to dig up that Kurtzman interview. I think–if he is tuned in to the fans response–it’s a good sign… I’m also looking forward to the second half of the season. I suspect you’ve heard that Max Brown will portray “a powerful and mysterious new ally known, at first, only as Orion—a charismatic soldier who possesses a game changing weapon.”

        My suspicion is that this might be a “resurrected” Major John Andre (see the wiki entry) who was the British officer who turned Benedict Arnold. Most interesting is that he was quartered in Benjamin Franklin’s residence in Philadelphia during the British occupation and “…took several valuable items from Franklin’s home…” Too good not to incorporate into the SH mythology. I posted something about this a couple mod ago on the SH FB page. We’ll see if this is who this Orion is. Oh, and Andre was captured just outside Tarrytown and eventually hanged. He has a generally good reputation historically so could be an ally even if “Orion” is Andre.

        • tvjuriste

          Kurtzman is currently tuned into fan concerns, but he and one of the other co-creators have been busy with Scorpion this season. Here’s the interview –

          Ooh, the Orion character sounds very interesting. I’ll check that out.

          I believe there is at least one WOC on the writing team, I saw her in a picture. But she looked relatively young, so who knows if she feels confident expressing dissent if everyone else is ok with something.

          Frankly, I think women of all races are very unlikely to get romantically involved with a sibling’s ex. Not cool.

          In any event, the writers definitely would be betraying Abbie’s character if they depict her as knowingly getting romantically involved with one of Jenny’s former flames. Another commenter pointed out that initially Jenny flirted with Ichabod a bit, but after she tested the waters with Abbie with a comment about Ichabod being important to Abbie, Jenny became less flirtatious. Abbie is even more socially conservative than Jenny! Ugh, the writers have really laid the groundwork for the triangle, but they could still drop it. They’ve dropped other things we originally thought were important (e.g., the dollhouse in purgatory, Headless’s skull is MIA and so is Kindred).

          • Haloismyb*tch12

            Thanks for the Kurtzman interview link! Here’s the link to the Vulture article. Didn’t post it earlier as sometimes posts with links are held up in moderation for a day or two.

            Interesting about the WOC on the writing team. The show ought to publicize that a bit more. (Of course if her scripts aren’t used often, that opens up a whole bother can of worms)

            Good point about women of all races avoiding romantic attachments with siblings ex’s. Didn’t know if that was racially specific or not. (Hmmmm.. some interesting things in my own family way back I could tell you about which are too ridiculous to be even a soap opera plot, but that’s a different story…) I’m not sure if the specifics of Jenny and Hawley’s relationship was ever clarified on the show, but a sexual relationship being HINTED at is probably enough to poison it for Abbie. Frankly, I don’t see much Abbie/Hawley chemistry anyway. Hawley and Jenny getting (back?) together would work, though.

            Also, I do hope they bring Kindred back at some point (and I bet they will.)

    • tvjuriste

      Regarding the post about fan controversies – if you have specific thoughts about the SH controversy, please let me know. I’d like to pitch a piece to Huff Post on the topic. . . I’m fairly new on the TV fan board scene – is the Sleepy Hollow controversy comparable to other recent fandom controversies you’ve seen? If so, use the And let me know. I need to give the piece a broader context to turn it into a huff post piece. Thanks!

      • Haloismyb*tch12

        Unfortunately, I think I’m even newer than you are to the whole TV fan board scene so I’m afraid I’m of no help there… I AM finding the whole thing fascinating (and a little bonkers.)

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