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As we gear up for the Sleepy Hollow mid-season finale Thursday, November 19th on Fox, let’s take a look at where things stand.


Pandora is NOT the big bad, as we thought. Atticus Nevins – the artifacts dealer, FBI investigation target, and FOSC (Friend of Sheriff Corbin) – informs us in this episode #1 that he’s working with Pandora and #2 that Pandora works for “someone who makes Pandora look like a home room teacher.”

The Season 3 rebooted version of Sleepy Hollow is not so different from Season 3. In Season 2, Baby Boy Crane/Henry used monsters of the week to terrorize the witnesses as part of a plan to pave the way for the arrival of Moloch. This season, Pandora plays the same role.

Dude, Where’s My Shard?

Atticus Nevins and his colleague, Sophie (the Jenny-ish artifact thief), open the episode discussing the Shard of Anubis, the hunk of crap Jenny/Joe and Atticus/Sophie have played hot potato with all season.

Using what must be Pandora’s book of evil nursery rhymes, Atticus summon Pandora’s Pier 1 box from Pandora’s fear pool. Not long after, the box yields the monsters whom Atticus dispatches to “fetch” the Shard — three dude-bro-monsters materialize  surround Nevins and say:

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Not really, they growl and grunt and head out in search of Miss Jenny.

Thanks to the Rock that She’s Got, Jenny from the Block Is About To Become Jenny from Hell


Joe and Jenny Change their Facebook Relationship Statuses to “It’s Complicated.”

The episode opens with Joe and Jenny engaged in some flirtatious verbal and physical sparring. We’re supposed to believe that even though Joe and Jenny grew up together admiring the same father figure, they’re comfortable becoming romantic. Some fans tweeted with joy when Joe kissed Jenny; others became concerned that the could “cheapen” their friendship. (Lyndie Greenwood the actress that portrays Jenny expressed that concern about an Ichabod-Abbie romance, which means she probably feels the same way about this new development for her character, right?)

I didn’t cheer, nor am I concerned about or interested in a Joe-Jenny romantic pairing. It seems like a ploy to raise the emotional stakes for Jenny and Joe during the mid-season finale.

Their mutual daddy love for Sheriff Corbin is not the only thing that makes the Jo-enny relationship complicated. There’s that whole “I love her, but sometimes she’s can get a little crazy; it’s like she’s possessed by a demon” thing complicating the rise of Jo-enny love because . . .

Yes, Jenny’s possessed – again. We learn in this episode that when Jenny took the Shard from Atticus without wearing gloves, her body absorbed the Shard. Side effects of Shard absorption include glowing white eyes, glowing neon veins, extraordinary powers, periodic demon voice, and possible death! The team spends the episode trying to fight off the dude-bro-monsters sent by Atticus and to figure out how to perform a “Shard-ectomy” on Jenny.

FBI Agents Here, There, and Everywhere — Daniel, Sophie and Sleepy Hollow’s Agent Skinner

Daniel makes a special trip to Washington D.C. to meet with a Deputy Director of the FBI to discuss the Atticus Nevins case (Sleepy Hollow’s version of The X-Files’ Agent Skinner; I think we’ll see him again). We learn from their brief interaction that unnamed higher-ups are keeping an eye on the Nevins case and Abbie.

And, in a twist not many predicted, Sophie reveals she’s not a Jenny clone trafficking in artifacts for an older male mentor. She’s an FBI agent who has been working undercover for Danny on the Nevins investigation for the last six months.

But, wait? Didn’t Danny just graduate from Quantico along with Abbie? How could he supervise a high-profile case for the last six months? Unless perhaps, like Sophie, Danny was working undercover as Abbie’s Quantico peer for the sole purpose of getting close to Abbie to keep an eye on her for his FBI bosses . . . or does he have other, supernatural bosses who want to keep an eye on Abbie?

Danny may know more about the supernatural forces Abbie and Crane are fighting than we think. Maybe Danny and Sophie are FBI agents who work on . . . wait for it  . . . X-Files involving supernatural and unexplained occurrences! Think about it, clearly the Nevins case is so sensitive Danny traveled from NYC to DC to give his boss an update on the Nevins case; he wasn’t willing to rely on FBI phones or email.

I suspect our Scooby team is about to get larger and who knows what’s going to happen with poor, possessed Jenny! For the first time all season, I’m anxiously awaiting the next Sleepy Hollow episode!

Sleepy Hollow Mid-Season Finale

November 19th, 9 pm / 8 pm on Fox

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