Sleepy Hollow: Ichabbie End Game Mix Tape?

TV Juriste is an “apocalypse now” shipper. Meaning, we’d like the show to focus on Armageddon, rather than sorting out love triangles, because if the world goes to hell does any of that matter? That’s our story and we’re sticking with it. (It also has the benefit of being true, because we don’t cover soap operas). However, we cannot say that we’d be opposed to an end-game, Mulder-Scully-type romance unfolding between the two leads during the last season of a long, successful run filled with lots of apocalypse fighting and no love triangles!

Lots of unhappy fans on Tumblr, Twitter, and all corners of social media as a result of the Deliverance episode; we told you our opinion here.

There also were some fans doing a social media happy dance all up and through the various fan boards and recap comment sections to tell the world that Deliverance was their absolute favorite episode!! One said she loved it because “Tom and Katia are so beautiful physically and look amazing like a proper fairytale.” (emphasis added).

#1 Sleepy Hollow Fan and star, Orlando Jones, didn’t have time to live tweet with fans this week. But, he did post this video on Youtube the same day Deliverance aired.

This video and its timing are “prettay, prettay, prettay, prettay” interesting. (Side note – Bring Curb Your Enthusiasm back, Larry, please. You know, when you feel like it).

Check it out.

Let us know your thoughts.

And, #FreeFrank, #WhereIsJenny?