Sleepy Hollow Recap: Blind Loyalty and Brody

“How Blind You People Are to the Reality Before You”

So says Henry-Jeremy to Katrina in the 2nd episode of Sleepy Hollow‘s sophomore season. As in the season 2 premiere, when Henry-Jeremy told the witnesses that “anyone can be tricked into believing a lie,” we think Henry-Jeremy’s observation that Katrina, Ichabod and Abbie are blind to reality is a good one to keep in mind while watching this episode.

Ichabod’s Monster

But, let’s start at the beginning. Now that Ichabod is out of his box and Abbie is out of purgatory, it’s time for the witnesses and Jenny to get back to the business of working to prevent the coming apocalypse, right? Wrong.

Ichabod wants to save Katrina first. (That’s right for the bazillionth time in this series, the mortals all have to work to save the witch). Ichabod has a great idea (#sarcasm). He suggests placing the Horseman’s skull on top of creature Benjamin Franklin and Katrina’s coven previously created consisting of the harvested body parts of dead soldiers. This creature, known as Kindred Franklinstein can then be used to help the team rescue Katrina.  Yep, that’s his plan. It sounds slightly more convincing when spoken with an English accent.

There are a few problems with this plan:

  • As Abbie points out, they may not be able to control Kindred Franklinstein.
  • As Jenny points out, “the last time they went on a mission to save Katrina, it didn’t end well.” Crane responds that “this time our eyes are open.” But are they?? More on that topic below.

Abbie’s Greatest Weakness

Ichabod assures Abbie that his quest to rescue Katrina is not a distraction from his witness duties because Katrina “is a witch of extraordinary abilities. She could tip the scales of this war on either side.” WAIT, WHAT?

#1 – “On either side,” did Ichabod just concede that he’s not completely sure what side Katrina’s on?

#2 – “A witch of extraordinary abilities.” Really, Ichabod, is she? Do we have any evidence of her abilities. She’s the only woman in the series who constantly must be rescued.

In a moment that had Miss. Jenny and femi-fans everywhere groaning, Abbie agrees to go along with Ichabod’s plans despite her misgivings. To her credit, Abbie is self-aware to acknowledge she may have a blind spot when it comes to Ichabod:

Abbie admits that her faith in Ichabod is her greatest weakness. When Ichabod assures her that her faith in him is well-placed, abbiethis is the look she gave him — doubt, wanting to have faith, feeling stupid for having faith . . . and then she represses all of these feelings and moves forward with the stupid Kindred plan. Sigh. (Nicole Beharie is great actress; she’s able to communicate Abbie’s emotions with her expressions without doing any over-the-top mugging for the camera).

Ichabod asks Abbie if she thinks Katrina is his greatest weakness. Abbie responds, “maybe.”

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