Sleepy Hollow Akeda: Now What?




The Beginning of the End

Four episodes after Baby Moloch was just an evil glint in Henry-Jeremy’s eye (and a poisonous spider in his witchy mother’s mouth), Baby Moloch is now just Moloch – a grown ass demon on Earth preparing to raise an  army of demons to conquer Earth.

And, Team Witness is on the case. Armed with the Sword of Methuselah, the only weapon powerful enough to destroy any demon, including Moloch, the witnesses race to Frederick’s Manor.

When they arrive, there’s no sign of Moloch, but (surprise, surprise) Katrina needs to be rescued, this time, from the demon marriage/binding ceremony previewed earlier this season that would bind her to Abraham/Headless for eternity:

Sleepy Hollow Katrina Crane Damsel in Distress

Ichabod threatens to destroy Headless with the Sword unless he tells them where they can find Moloch. We learn from Abraham that the power of the Sword is not without cost. The Sword will consume the soul of anyone who wields it.

Frank Irving and the Soul-Sucking, Double-Edged Sword of Methuselah

Jenny proposes a lead actor-sparing plan – Let’s get Frank to use the Sword, he doesn’t even have a soul. She’s right. Because the witnesses have ignored Frank’s plight all season, Frank is the only member of Team Witness who might be able to use the soul-sucking Sword without dying in the process.

Abbie’s not in love with the idea. What if the Sword ends Frank’s life and transfers his soul to Henry-Jeremy sooner than it otherwise would? When they track down Frank he agrees to take the risk, if they promise to take care of his family if anything happens to him. After getting more weapons from Hawley, Katrina enchants the weapons, and then the entire team (including soul-less, sacrificial lamb Frank) heads out to fight Moloch’s demons, leaving Hawley behind to babysit Headless.

Demons, Souls, Mortality and Stuff

Before moving further, we need a chart to keep track of a few things. We’ll revisit this chart at the end of this recap.

CharacterDead or AliveStatus of SoulDemon or Human
FrankAlivePromised to Henry-Jeremy/Moloch, but Henry-Jeremy said Frank can reclaim it by taking a life (“a soul for a soul”).Human
Henry-JeremyAlivePromised to Moloch, but Katrina says “if we slay that beast [Moloch], Henry’s soul will be released from Moloch’s hold.”Human + Horseman of War
Headless-AbrahamDeadOwned by MolochDemon + Horseman of Death
Andy BrooksDeadOwned by MolochDemon, but not a Horseman


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  • Yasmin Adrionne

    I really don’t think I’ll be live watching anymore. I’m a little disgusted by the turn of events this season. ll the MOC have been killed or written out. The Crane marriage is annoying and Henry does not deserve redemption. I think Mark Goffman needs to be fired and they need to re-hire the writers from the first season. Otherwise I just don’t see this show lasting much longer. All of the fun and novelty of the first season hsa been destroyed.

    • tvjuriste

      I was optimistic when I saw the episode and wrote the post. But, reading the Huffingtonpost interview and Orlando Jones just tweeted an interview he gave with Variety . . . it’s all very disappointing. Orlando found out his character would die not long before he shot the episode. It also sounds like he might come back in some capacity, but he certainly didn’t seem to be clear about it. Definitely doesn’t sound like his role will get bigger because he’s a new Horseman or anything. I guess I shouldn’t be so shocked. But, I’m truly, truly shocked!

    • tvjuriste

      It’s like they’re creating a completely different show.

  • Riddley Walker

    Well, I DIDN’T hate it–lowered expectations keep any disappointment and anger at bay. Honestly, there was only so much they could do with the set-up to this episode.

    I wasn’t especially moved by Irving’s death as I really doubt he’s “dead” dead. Henry still owns his soul and as part of his rehabilitation/redemption will undoubtedly bring Irving back and set-up his family in safety for life.

    I seriously got caught up in Henry’s fake-out at the end— even though there was no other possible ending. I don’t mind Henry being redeemed. Redemption is good and noble, I think. (I’m still hoping he’ll be a chastened, humbled Walter Bishop for the team) I just hate the way we had to hear Katrina arguing for him all season. Perhaps the redemption process will be more compelling but I’m not holding my breath.

    The end of Moloch could be a good thing or a bad thing for the show. It offers a chance to reboot the show. The Team Witness will have to figure out the new threat and it could end up being a “bigger” more epic show…Then again it could mean a long string of MoTW episodes.

    Katrina was wonderfully hilarious in this episode–unintentional comedy at its best. I’m sure she’s going to be shacking up with Abraham within 2 episodes and start on her path to “evil witch.” “You’ll rue the day you snickered at my corset now that I have all my powers and confront you as….the Horseman of WAR!”

    Finally, my strongest impression was how much fun it looked like Hawley was having knocking back shots with the cute chicks in that bar (any of which appeared more interesting than Katrina). Sorry you had to babysit Headless, Mr Hawley. Better luck on your upcoming show! I, for one, will miss you!

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