Mad Men Fan Art: Don and Joan

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I hope you love this one as much as I do. Mad Men has been hit or miss the last two seasons, but the fan art is phenomenal, particularly the work of Dan Panosian, you can see more of his work here or on

Displayed courtesy of Dan Panosian.

Displayed courtesy of Dan Panosian.


This piece is an example of what TV Juriste considers great fan art:

  • It’s original. It’s not based on an existing photograph and doesn’t try to provide an exact replication of the characters’ features.
  • This talented artist provides a creative representation of the salient characteristics of the characters. For example, during the last two seasons, Don’s drinking is finally causing him problems. He’s still a handsome guy in this image, but his nose is “red” and his superman-perfect good looks are a little hard around the edges.
  • There are also elements of parody of the characters, not the TV show. On Mad Men, Joan has never actually worn clothes as provocative as the one she’s wearing in this image, but her character certainly has weathered the ups and downs of using sex appeal to get ahead at work. This image of Don — with the ruddy “red” nose often associated with alcoholics and the exaggerated lines and bone structure of his face — communicate the trajectory the character has been on the last few seasons. Don’s pretty boy, get-away-with-everything days have come to an end. His drinking has started to take its toll on his life and his looks.
  • Great image! This is a really good feature, for the people who don’t get to see it and for the people who create it never to be seen again.

    • tvjuriste

      Thank you! I’m exploring new plugins to display the images in an optimal fashion. I want to create a gallery without the side bar to show the work off to maximum effect. Thanks again!