Previously on How To Get Away With Murder:

  • The ANTLs quit on Annalise after she refused to help spring Wes from the psych ward
  • However, Phillip is blackmailing the ANTLs with footage from the Night of Covering Everyone’s Asses (Asher killing Sinclair, framing Catherine, shooting Annalise, etc.) so this means they are going to be pulled back into the Cult of Annalise.
  • Annalise left Wes a packet of information that will finally reveal how she knows his mother
  • Laurel cried because Frank wasn’t honest about his feelings or whatever so he admitting to killing Lila to keep her from breaking up with him. That worked as well as you would think.
  • I don’t know, are we still on the Hapstell case? Is Annalise still their lawyer? Or is she just pulling puppet strings for the hell of it?

In a flashback, Annalise talks with Rose, Wes’s mother, about her boss, Charles Mahoney. Rose recalls seeing Charles as she cleaned out his office and Annalise is satisfied. Annalise is representing Charles in a murder trial, and Rose’s testimony will confirm his alibi.

In the present, Annalise disinterestedly watches Connor flail around in her office, panicking about Phillip’s blackmail email. “What do you want me to do?” she asks him. “I’m not in the video.” Connor is forced to apologize before Annalise orders Bonnie to summon the other ANTLs for an emergency meeting–except for Wes.

At least, Wes won’t be the only one out of the loop. After finding out that Frank killed Lila and realizing the whole kidnapping/murder of Goth Girl wouldn’t have happened if the ANTLs knew that, Laurel storms out of Frank’s apartment and ignores his and Bonnie’s calls. She goes over to see Wes, who isn’t thrilled that his angsty brooding is being interrupted. However, Laurel offers to help Wes figure out the contents of the Mahoney packet.

At Casa Keating, the ANTls (minus Wes and Laurel, of course) have gathered to fret over what to do about Phillip. Connor receives another email: Philip wants one million dollars or else he’ll turn over the security footage to the police.


Well, at least they know this isn’t a Nigerian prince scam.

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