Gotham Recap: Welcome Back, Jim Gordon

Gotham Recap

Fish Drill

In last week’s Gotham, Falcone learned the truth about Eliza and KILLED her.

Falcone also learned about Fish’s takeover plan. Falcone spared her life, but he still makes Fish Mooney pay for her betrayal. Mercedes Moon (Fish Mooney to her friends) is being tortured in a secret location by man with a drill. Good thing, Butch is Fish’s personal search and rescue team. Butch is ready to hit the road and run with Fish…but Fish refuses to run away without taking care of unfinished business – cutting Penguin’s throat. Makes sense to tie up loose ends before you leave town.

Remember the Spirit of the Goat’s bald mystery man? He’s back! (He made a small cameo last week as well). He kills the Fish driller for letting Fish escape. Does this mean Spirit of the Goat Mystery Man works for Falcone?

Welcome back, Jim Gordon

Bullock has his buddy back; Jim is a detective again ready to tackle this week’s case with a bad attitude a new raspy voice.

Speaking of bad attitudes, meet Flass, a member of the narcotics unit who has some sort of history with Harvey. After Flass and Bullock trade some insults about their various smells and clothing choices, Bullock gets around to introducing Flass to Jim and learning about this week’s case, involving dead drug dealer, Pinky Littlefield, a member of the Uptown Assassins. Bullock refers to it as a public service homicide, but they still need to investigate. Jim finds what looks like Pokémon stickers, to me, but turn out to be drugs, in the sole of Pinky’s shoe. What the what? Obviously, there has to be more to this case…I mean…this is Gotham!

A nice older janitor comes forward with information. Bad move. Someone should have told him about that old saying “no good deed goes unpunished.” The janitor is murdered right there in the GCPD! Apparently, snitches don’t get stitches in Gotham, they get a hexagonal screwdriver in the back.

Just like with his big Arkham case, Jim suspects it’s an inside job. Jim suspects a cop murdered the janitor and starts asking questions. Just like the Arkham case – other people warn him to back off – his time Lady Chief of Gotham PD and Bullock. Jim apparently had his ears and brains closed during this whole conversation, because he’s not going to back off. Of course, he’s not.

Perhaps they edited the scene where Jim convinces Bullock to go along with him, but the next thing we know Bullock and Jim find a big stash of drugs guarded by shady cop, Delaware. A gun in his face and a threat to drown his wife, convinced Delaware to give up Flass as the murderer of Pinky and the poor Janitor. But, who is the guy who got Delaware to flip? And, why did he deliver the murder weapon and recording of Delaware to Jim?

Even with all this evidence, most of the cops stood by Flass. Until Lady Chief finally steps in and arrests Flass for the murders of Pinky and the janitor. Good cops win!

Or maybe not? The case of the week ends bizarrely with Delaware begging Jim not to punish him for snitching on Flass by hurting Delaware’s wife and kids. Wait, what? Has Jim become a dirty cop? If not, why does Delaware think Jim is dirty?

Mama’s Boy Up in Fish’s Club, But Not For Long

Back to mob wars and Fish.

Penguin brings his weirdo mother (the Dollmaker) to Fish’s club. Thinking Fish is gone for good, Penguin struts around in what he thinks is now his club.

After a fun rock ‘n roll, booze montage that has Penguin hugging counters, spitting on Fish’s logo, and then taking the stage to practice a grand opening speech. Guess who walks in giving him a slow clap. Penguin looks terrified, initially. But, after groveling, doing some literal shoe kissing and taking Fish’s abuse, Penguin snaps and reveals that he’s been working for Falcone ALL ALONG. Doh!

Fish and Bullock Sitting in a Tree

Spirit of the Goat Bald Mystery Man shows up to Fish Mooney’s and start shooting up a storm, and in the end, Butch stays loyal and risks his own life, which allows Fish to escape. Sometime into the evening, Bullock and Fish meet, and sweet baby Jesus, they kiss goodbye! (I NEED TO KNOW MORE..STAT).


Elsewhere in Gotham – Nerds in Love

Bruce and Alfred are back in action in Gotham. Bruce is looking for his lost Cat, but he finds crazy Jan Brady (Ivy), instead. Alfred thinks this is not the way you follow through with puppy-love. Cat finally goes see Bruce. Cat lies and says she actually didn’t see the murder of Bruce’s parents, so she tells Bruce to please stop harassing her

Poor Bruce, his love for Cat seems almost as pathetic as Riddler’s love for Ms. Cringle. We’ll see if Cat or Cringle give our two nerds some love in later episodes.


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