Gotham Recap: The Scarecrow

Fish is All Business; Don’t Call Her Baby

We ended last week with Fish being kidnapped, and it is her worst nightmare. No high thread-count sheets, instead just the cement beneath her body. Not very sure where she is, but she is already scheming her way around the new home, and calling herself Queen Bee. Killing the head honcho along the way. She obviously needs to do something to pull herself out of a possible gutter, or else Penguin is for sure going to lead the pack forever at what formerly known as Fish, but now is going to be Penguin’s.

Penguin’s Nine Lives

Penguin is a lucky mo-fo to say the least. He has escaped death AGAIN. However, there may be more than just luck on his side, if we look up luck in the thesaurus, you could find a picture of Falcone.

Falcone has paid Maroni a pretty penny to keep Penguin alive. However . . . Maroni lets Penguin know, the second Falcone drops dead, so will our waddlin’ Penguin. That doesn’t sound kosher one bit.

Back to the club, I gotta say, his invites are looking fly! So fly, Penguin felt the need to hand deliver one of them to the GCPD for Jim. He politely declined.

Yes, Jim Has Heart Eyes for Dr. Pretty . . . But, Hey, Stop It, Not At Work

There’s some telenovela happy drama at the GCPD Jim has to worry about instead. Dr. Pretty was just named the new medical examiner. She likes PDA, he doesn’t. Yada Yada Yada. That was their main storyline this week. Oh, and they have been on three dates…and they haven’t played “tennis” yet. If you know what that means 😉

Bruce In the Wild

On the fancier side of town: Bruce packs a backpack and is on a journey to find inner peace? Not sure what the point of this trek is, but Alfred is not invited. Alfred is growing worried on why Bruce has not returned home. Alfred goes searching for his Master and they start a bonfire and wait for the sunrise. And, the whole thing was a little boring . . . Ok, very boring. Wake us when you’re Batman, young dude.

The Fear Factor  – The Fearsome Dr. Crane is Gotham’s Villain of the Week 2 Weeks in a Row

We posted our Valentine’s edition last week. Yes, a little early. Particularly because THIS week it is starting to feel like Gotham’s writers have a legit love thang going on with Dr. Crane plotline. This is the second week in a row we’re dealing with Dr. Crane. And, this time around, Gotham’s writers introduce us to Dr. Crane’s family. So, you know it’s getting serious.

Dr. Crane, as you may remember, is a biology teacher and main suspect in the murders from last week’s episode, Fearsome Dr. Crane. All the crimes share a bizarre common thread – the victims’ adrenal glands are being removed from their dead bodies.

Question of the day: Why is this guy taking adrenal glands?

We learn that Crane’s wife died in a fire; he was too afraid to save her. So, now he’s done research to try to rid himself (and his son) of fear. So he kills people, but not just any people, he kills people how have phobias when they are in the grips of their most serious fears, and then he removes their adrenal glands, when the adrenaline is at peak levels (one supposes, this is a TV blog not a science/biology type situation).

No longer having fear with the glands works for Crane (it eventually wears off). However, when he forces his son to follow the same “inject yourself with an adrenaline serum from murder victims” protocol, it has the opposite effect on his teenage son. Science! Instead of becoming fearless, his son ends up in a state of constant intense fear. A teenager living with constant intense fear is No Bueno (at least that’s what the kids tell me). I suppose Crane’s son’s biggest fear is his father . . . and scarecrows, because that’s what he saw when his father injected him with the murder victims’ serum – a scarecrow.

Hey, wait a minute — is Crane’s son the Scarecrow? Or, is Crane?



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