Gotham Recap: Spirit of the Goat

Spirit of the Goat, Part I

Ten years ago, a masked murderer with the last name Milky, but who preferred to be called the Spirit of the Goat, terrorized Gotham, killing the first-born child of the elite one-percenters of Gotham. (Is it our imagination or is the Spirit of the Goat’s mask very similar to the mask, Batman eventually will wear?)

Back then, Bullock’s partner was a guy named Dix. During a search of Milky’s house, the two of them discovered Shelley, a dead rich girl whose body was hanging from the ceiling surrounded by freshly-lit candles. They figured the murderer must still be close. He was. Milky attacked Dix. Bullock fired several shots at Milky and killed him . . . or so he thought.

Spirit of the Goat, The Sequel

Cut to present day, Bullock has “a dé jà vu on acid flashback” when he discovers, 21-year-old Amanda Hastings hanging out at a local landmark, literally . . . her dead body was hung much like Shelley from ten years ago. Bullock is upset, thinking a Goat copycat is in Gotham.

During an examination of Amanda’s body, the coroner discovers that she has a penny sewn into the base of her skull. This looks like the work of Milky from ten years ago. But how? The police intentionally never disclosed this detail to the media or public.

We learn that Dix didn’t die ten years ago. He’s in a nursing home. After the attack ten years ago, he now rolls through life in a wheelchair. Bullock also becomes way lovelier in my book. He pays for the care provided for Dix AND he subscribes to magazines for the guy! Dix tells the team that they aren’t dealing with a copycat murderer; they’re dealing with the continuation of a conspiracy!

While they’re talking to Dix, the Goat is claiming his next victim, Amber, by sneaking into her home (but without any signs of forced entry), using chloroform to knock out a maid, and then kidnapping rich girl Amber. Amber was supposed to meet her wealthy parents at the pier, so people notice she was missing in record time.

Meanwhile Jim and Bullock are seeking clues, the head back to Milky’s house. Nostalgia is probably not the right word to describe how Bullock feels seeing this place after 10 years. But, guess what? Amber is still alive! Jim rescues her, while Bullock and the Goat go at it. Bullock wins the fight; Jim and Amber are safe.

So who is The Goat? He’s Raymond Earl, a 33-year-old mentally ill janitor, who is being treated by the same hypnotherapist who treats Mr. Hastings, the father of the girl killed earlier in the episode. Turns out, Dr. Marks ALSO treated the Milky, Part I, ten years ago. What the what? Dr. Marks crumbles under questioning and confirms that she’s been hypnotizing her patients to target 1%’ers – turning her patients into a type of murderous Occupy Movement from Hell.

Oh Barbaraaaa

Jim is MIA at the beginning of the episode because he’s having a lovers’ quarrel with Barbara (ugh, why is she back?) (Also, let’s play a game, every time I say ‘Barbara’, pretend I am speaking with a British accent, and I am rolling my eyes). Looks like they are getting back together…because they negotiated “terms.” Oh, Barbaaraaaa.

Barbara goes searching for Renee to tell her to keep an open mind about Jim. She’s too late. Renee has a warrant to search Jim’s possessions. She warns Barbara to leave town because the people after Gordon could kill her too. But Barbara says she will stay by Jim’s side.

Uh Oh, Jim

By the time Jim gets him after a long day of Spirit of the Goat murder mystery solving, there’s Barbaraaa. She asks him to leave town with her because she says Major Crimes Unit (MCU) has a witness, who claims he saw Jim kill Penguin. And, just like that MCU takes Jim away.

The MCU takes Jim to the police station where he’s greeted by Bullock, who is also getting arrested for being a part of murdering Cobblepot/Penguin. As soon as both are cuffed, Penguin makes his grand entrance! Bullock becomes angry, not because he’s getting arrested, but because Jim never killed Penguin. When trust is broken….can it be fixed?


Elsewhere around Town

The Riddler

The Riddler greets a lady named Ms. Cringle! He wants to do research on the murders from ten years ago about the Goat. Riddler takes it upon himself to organize Ms. Cringle’s records. Does Riddler have a crush? Or is he just super inappropriate. Probably just inappropriate at the dating game, but he can organize my crap, do my laundry, walk my dog, etc.

Cobblepot/Penguin & The Dollmaker

Penguin finally visits his mother, the doll maker. Now we know why Penguin is so absurd. His mother thinks he’s unreasonably handsome and that everyone is just jealous of him.

Penguin looks super happy taking a bath at his mother’s house. This relationship is borderline innaproriate. Why is she bathing him? Penguin tells Dollmaker that he finally has found someone he can trust, a policeman.

Wayne Manor/Cat

Young Master Wayne is still OPA’ing it in his study, where the wood burning fire-place is always in use. So when he falls into a slumber from exhaustion, Cat comes in and steals a metal tchotchkie, a heavy paperweight? I don’t know.

Since Milky is killing the 1%’ers, Alfred suggests maybe Bruce should get out-of-town for a while. Morbidly, Bruce says “Why would they take me? They have no one to take me away from.” Awwww, I think you actually feel Alfred’s heart breaking.