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You know what they say:

Hell hath no fury like a woman who left her fiance to have an affair with her former girlfriend, but when that girlfriend kicks her out for being a pill addict, she runs back to the fiance only to find out he’s moved on to Dr. Pretty.

No one’s ever said that, because it makes no sense, except in Barbara’s drug-addled psychopathic Barbie brain, which was on full display throughout this episode.

The episode opens with a glimpse into Barbara’s inner crazy. She’s having a nightmare where she’s at her wedding rehearsal with Jim, Penguin is the minister, a bird flies out of her mouth, Dr. Pretty ends up wearing Barbara’s dress, and Barbara ends up sitting in the church pews in a strait jacket with a group of Arkham-ites laughing and then pointing guns at her.

When Barbara wakes up, Theo promises to make her dreams come true — today will be the day she kills Jim Gordon.

Jim Runs to Miss Abyss

Just as Jim is trying to convince his boss that Theo is behind all the recent murders, Barbara arrives at GCPD headquarters. It’s no accident. Theo sent Barbara there to distract Jim while Theo tries to convince Lil Bruce Wayne to sell Wayne Enterprises to Galavan.

Jim interrogates Barbara while Captain Barnes, Harvey, Lee and the others watch from another room. In a scene reminiscent of the infamous Carrie Mathison-Brody Homeland interrogation, Jim tries to use their past intimacy (he kisses Barbara) to get Barbara to give evidence against Theo.  It doesn’t work. Barbara agrees to tell Jim everything after she shows him something at a location she will not disclose.

Everyone thinks it’s a trap, but Jim wants to play along anyway.

Surprise, surprise – it is a trap. Theo’s goons ambush Barbara, Jim and Harvey during their drive to the undisclosed location. They leave Harvey banged up but otherwise okay. However, Jim is sedated, kidnapped and then resurfaces in the church where he and Barbara previously planned to get married. Theo’s goons also manage to capture Dr. Pretty and bring her there to be tortured (again) by Barbara. (Lee must really love Jim, every other week her life is threatened because of him).

Dr. Pretty throws crazy Barbie off her game giving Jim enough time to lunge at her, just as Harvey and the GCPD arrive. Barbara tries to stab Jim, but ends up falling out a stained glass and then this happened:


Crazy, Stabby Barbie Barbs fall was cushioned by trees. She’ll live to be crazy another day.

To Jim’s credit, his journey into the abyss that is Barbara was not a complete waste of time. She told Jim where Theo was hiding Mayor James.

Lil Bruce Wayne

With Jim tied up with Barbara (literally), Theo has mini-Barbara aka Silver St Clair prance around Lil Bruce Wayne before asking for his help cleaning up corruption, crime and poverty in Gotham. Based on Theo’s research, Wayne’s Enterprises is involved in toxic waste dumps, illegal weapons contracts, nightmarish experiments and Theo wants a piece of the action! Nah, Theo claims he will be able to clean it all up if Lil Bruce Wayne will sell his stake in Wayne Enterprises to Theo. In exchange, Theo offers to give Lil Bruce Wayne information about the man who killed the Waynes.

This, of course, makes zero sense. Lil Bruce is a minor; he doesn’t have contractual capacity to sign a binding agreement. His legal guardian would have to sign it.

Lil Bruce considers it, comes close to signing but then changes his mind. Theo tosses the envelope he claims had information about the Waynes’ murder into a fire right before Jim busts in to arrest him for kidnapping Mayor James.


Nygma heads out to a wooded area to bury Miss Kringle’s dead body, but not before having a picnic/funeral with tea sandwiches, wine, and a eulogy for Miss Kringle.

Nygma also treats Miss Kringle to a final riddle:

I take you by night, by day take you back. None suffer to have you but do from my lack. What am I? (Google tells me the answer is sleep. This final riddle is Nygma’s way of saying a final good night to Miss Kringle, one assumes).

A hunter-type sneaks up on Nygma hears the riddle and questions Nygma about it. Bad move, nosy dude! Nygma kills him without hesitation. By the time Nygma returns the spot with a saw to dismember Mr. Nosy, he discovers someone has stolen is tea sandwiches. Yogi? Boo-Boo? No, it was Penguin!

Will Nygma and Penguin join forces?  More Gotham goodness next week . . .


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