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We live in a time when billionaire egotist, Donald Trump, is one of the top candidates for president of the United States. So forgive me for quibbling with my Sunday School lessons, but I see no proof the meek will inherit the Earth any time soon, except on Gotham, where several formerly meek, weak characters are wreaking havoc.

Sad, Thug-Life Bear With a Stump Seeks New Boss for Criminal Shenanigans

Last week, a perpetually sweaty and increasingly unhinged Penguin comes up with a lame scheme to have Butch infiltrate Theo’s crew to find out where Theo’s hiding Penguin’s mom. Perpetually loyal, despite his decreasing number of appendages, Butch follows Penguin’s plan to the letter, presenting himself to Theo asking to become one of Theo’s thugs using the handless stump Penguin left Butch with as proof Butch is no longer under Penguin’s control. Theo’s understandably suspicious, but he agrees to take Butch in at the urging of Tabitha and Barbara, who seem to delight at the thought of using the “sad bear” as a tool for amusement and mayhem. They plan to attach various weapons to his stump (and who knows what else with those two!)

Yes, Butch is loyal,but he’s not particularly stealthy. By the middle of the episode Theo catches him snooping around to find Penguin’s mom and dispatches Tabitha to deprogram brainwashed Butch, torturing him with her whip of course, so that Butch will be loyal to Theo, not Penguin.

“There’s a Freaky Firefly Chick on the Loose with a Flame Thrower”

Jim and the Alpha Strike Force are roughing up former arsonists and those who might be arsonist-adjacent in their mission to find the freaky firefly chick from last week’s episode, who, in addition to burning down multiple Wayne Enterprise buildings, caused the death of an Alpha Strike Force newbie. One of the arsonists Jim roughs up tells Jim there’s no way the culprit could be a girl, “that’s mad rare, like a unicorn or something.”

That unicorn, who goes by the name of Bridget, is hiding out with Cat trying to come up with a plan to escape the clutches of the GCPD and her brothers, both of whom want to lock her up.

Money may be the root of all evil, but it’s also the path to freedom. (Those long ago Sunday School lessons clearly still on my mind). Cat convinces to get the money she needs “to be free” by helping Cat rob a sex slave auction. With her fiery unicorn side-kick shooting flames at the crowd, Cat instructs all the “pervs and bullies” to put their money *awkward pause* in *awkward pause* the bag. Not sure what’s going on with Carmen Bicondova and her line delivery. She’s made several bizarre speech cadence choices the last few episodes.

Back to the action at the auction.

Before Bridget can leave Gotham with loot from the auction, her former captors, i.e., her brothers, kidnap her, steal her money, chain her to a heater, and threaten to kill her if she ever tries to leave again.

The GCPD are also hunting her down. Harvey’s ginger-to-ginger questioning of Ivy (aka evil Jan Brady) leads them to Cat, which leads them to Bridget’s house. After hearing about Bridget’s evil brothers, Jim promises Cat he’ll do everything he can to protect Bridget.

Jim was too late. By the time he and Harvey arrive, Bridget’s brothers are “fried like a taquito.”

Bridget’s next stop, completely decked out in her freaky firefly suit, is to go after the “pervs and bullies” at the sex slave auction. GCPD make it there just in time (i.e., after she’s freed the captives and fried many of the “pervs and bullies” up like taquitos). Her mission accomplished, she’s in no mood to back down to Jim and the Alpha Strike Force. Instead, she goes out in a blaze of glory! Our last shot of this formerly meek, freaky firefly chick is on a gurney being wheeled into to a Wayne Enterprises research center for testing. The orderlies claim her flame retardant suit has melded with her skin turning her into an actual unicorn, she’s now impervious to fire.

Can’t wait to see what comes next for her and to learn more about Wayne Enterprises’ dirty dealings.

Nygma Becomes the Man in the Mirror Or If Adnan (the Convicted Teenager from the Serial Podcast) Did It, This is How it Happened.

After their lengthy courtship, Nygma and Miss Kringle finally do the dirty deed. During their pillow talk, Nygma assures her that her ex-boyfriend will never hurt her again . . .because Nygma killed him.

Way to ruin the mood, Nygma, and bring the relationship to a screeching halt! Meek, riddle-loving Nygma won’t let Miss Kringle leave, because he loves her, he loves her, doesn’t she realize how much he loves her. . . and, he ends up strangling her to death as he’s trying to convince her he loves her.

***My name is TV Juriste and I’m still obsessed with the Serial Podcast. #TeamAdnanDidit, #HeDiditLikeNygma.

But, Wait, What About Butch?

After his reprogramming, Butch shows up breathless and bloody telling Penguin he knows where Penguin’s mom is being kept, but Penguin has to rush there right away because Theo knows he discovered the information. Penguin takes it completely at face value, thinking Butch could never lie to him. Could it be that humble, loyal and now one-handed Butch will be responsible for leading Penguin to his demise . . . Can’t wait for next week!


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