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Family Values

Gotham’s twisted family values were everywhere on display this week.

Mama’s Baby Had a No Good, Terrible Very Bad Episode.

This week’s episode wiped away any lingering doubts you may have had about whether whether Penguin’s short-lived status as the Big Bird in Gotham had come to an end. Penguin’s wings have been clipped, for sure.

Penguin misses his mommy. It’s not funny, so stop laughing. Seriously, Penguin is losing it in this episode.

The episode opens with Penguin, sweating, on the verge of tears, and groveling in front of the siblings Galavan. He assures Theo that he’ll continue to be Theo’s tool, no matter what, but that he’d be a much better tool if he wasn’t so worried about his mother. “Lord have mercy,” he says, he needs to know his mom is safe.

Theo is unmoved. That Theo Galavan is one cold motha . . .*shut yo’ mouth.*

The Siblings Galavan

Actually, there is no evidence that Theo is an, um, motherlover. However, it’s possible he’s a sister lover, if Tabitha’s creepy comments about how good he is in the sack were fact-based, rather than just something she said to make Gotham’s deputy mayor uncomfortable two episodes ago. #RIPGingerJerome.

After Penguin leaves, the sadistic Siblings Galavan move on to a new torture target, kidnapped Wayne employee, Mr. Bunderslaw, whom they believe knows all Wayne Enterprises’ dirty laundry. They want him to lend a hand with their efforts to undermine Wayne Enterprises. LITERALLY. They chop off one of his hands.

Theo dispatches sister Tabitha deliver a new assignment to mommy-missing Penguin. Theo wants Penguin to use a crew to burn down multiple Gotham buildings and retrieve an artifact from a safe.

Penguin decides to outsource the job to a family of arsonists, who also happen to be Fish Mooney loyalists. Penguin asks Butch to recruit Cat to recruit the firestarters. #NetworkingGoals.

Introducing, The Firestarters

Here’s the story,

of a Gotham hooker,

who was bringing up a depressed and lonely girl.

She could sew and squeeze into small places.

Too bad her mother died.

It’s the story,

that a well-known arsonist

was busy with his three fire starting boys,

They were four arsonists, living all together,

But, now, just three ‘cuz dad’s long gone.

Before he died, he banged the hooker

And it was good so it didn’t end with just one bang,

The arsonist and hooker blended their families . . .

And, that’s where this Gotham episode finds them – we meet the teen aged Bridget living with her arsonist step brothers. When the skinniest of the crew dies during a shopping trip at the Costco of weapons and explosives, the other two brothers force Bridget to help with the outsourced arson gig from Penguin and Butch. “Help” is a bit of an understatement, they force her to start fires in 5 Wayne Enterprise-owned buildings.

While starting one of the fires, Bridget uses an eyeball left over from Minority Report (which also airs on Fox) to open a safe containing a beautiful, but scary looking dagger (which looks a lot like the dagger central to last week’s Sleepy Hollow). Conclusion: Fox likes to recycle props!

By the end of the evening, Bridget suffered a few burns, but she’s found her calling. She creates a a special fire resistant suit and Firefly is born.

“Sistaaaa, Ya Been on My Mind”

Everybody knows The Brady Bunch theme song. Not sure how many of you will remember Shug’s sister-love/girl power serenade to Celie in The Color Purple. That’s the song that played in my head as I watched Cat encourage Bridget, the beleaguered Cinderella-esque step sister in the family of arsonists to stand up to her step-brothers. We also learn in that scene how much Cat longs for family, particularly her mother, which probably explains her fierce loyalty to Fish Mooney. (I agree with you, Cat, Fish will return – trust and believe).

Will You Be My Bro-Dude?

While Tabitha was making the arson arrangements, Theo was paying Jim a visit. Apparently, having Jim endorse him for mayor is part of his evil plans. Jim initially says no, “police men and politics don’t mix,” but when Gotham chaos continues unabated, Jim ultimately agrees by the end of the episode. Will it become a true bro-dude relationship?  Stay tuned.

In other Bro-Dude news, for reasons known only to himself and the evil man who berates him when he looks in the mirror, Nygma invites himself and Miss Kringle on a double-date with Jim and Dr Pretty, much to Jim’s chagrin.

Displayed courtesy of Corina Tu

Displayed courtesy of Corina Tu


Finally, Jim (everybody loves Jim) and Harvey make their cop-bro-dude plans to stake out the Wayne Book Depository, which they think will be the next target for the arsonists. Nothing Harvey likes better than a good excuse to grub down on stakeout food, “half of good police work is the ability to sit on one’s ass, when it’s called for.”

So what do you think, if forced to decide which of his three bro-dude suitors to F, Marry, or Kill, what choices do you think Jim would make? (Easy – F – Theo, Kill – Nygma, and Marry – Harvey, amirite?)

Waynes’ World

Before turning it over to Theo, Penguin notices that the dagger retrieved by Bridget from a Wayne Enterprises safe has the Wayne Family Crest on it, which makes Penguin go, hmmmm. . . . .

Butch suggests the answers he seeks reside with a local antique dealer, who looks a lot like his mother, so it’s possible Butch sent him there to help Penguin deal with his mommy longings.

The antique dealer doesn’t disappoint. She has a story to tell complete with full, fuzzy, filtered flashbacks!

Two hundred years ago, five families ruled Gotham — the Ellliots, the Crownes, the Kanes,  the Dumas, and the most powerful, the Waynes. Celestine Wayne was the most sought after young woman in high society. She was promised to one of the members of the Elliot family, but Caleb Dumas was attracted to her. Caleb and Celestine disappeared at a party and were found doing the dirty deed (or close to it). Caleb said they were in love; Celestine said he forced her. The Waynes believed Celestine and used the same dagger Bridget found in the safe to slice off Caleb Dumas’s hand. The Waynes forbade the press from even mentioning the Dumas, renaming Dumas buildings, etc.  The Waynes wiped the Dumas out of the city’s history and shamed Dumas descendants into changing their names to . . . you guessed it, Galavan!  (So much for my theory that Gotham might bring inject some history and politics into the Galavans-are-here-to-avenge-their ancestors storyline.).

Revenge of the Dumas

The final scene reveals that IT. IS. ON.

Gotham will depict a full on family feud. An OG Galavan/Dumas thanks Theo for the dagger and tells him that other Dumas brothers are coming from overseas to get their revenge against against the Waynes, including by DUM, DUM, DA, DUM . . . KILLING LIL BRUCE WAYNE.


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