Gotham Recap: Penguin “Chief Office Snitch’s” Umbrella


This week’s episode of Gotham was the best! So I truly do apologize for the delay in the post. I was afraid of Gotham being a bit monotonous and this episode has fought the monsters in the closet away! The opening flashbacks quickly reminded us that

(1) there was a time when Penguin was on Falcone’s side, but now he is the Chief Office Snitch for Maroni.

(2) The battle between the mobsters Falcone and Maroni is worse than ever.

(3) Everyone is mad at everyone. But, it’s the Bullock-Jim beef that hurts the most. The lovely partners’ bond they spent six episodes building looks like it’s coming to an end. Well, their lives might be coming to an end, too.

Barbara is in danger, because the mobsters want a piece of that. (Jim, not Barbs, okay maybe both). Jim returns home to see Barbara being held by the mobsters. Jim then whisks Barbara away and hands her a one-way luxurious bus ticket to Unknownville. Tears, hugs, XOXO, Barbara!

Falcone, Fish and the Moody Russian

Falcone is in an exceedingly good mood. And for those who thinks he’s been getting some action with the songstress Fish recruited a few episodes ago…No, Fish’s lady is a lady in the streets, and not anything between the sheets.

When his team demands a meeting, Falcone is shopping for poultry for his new lady friend. She cooks and cleans for Falcone. Some domesticity truly is the chicken soup for the soul.

Our main lady, Fish, isn’t shy about expressing her feelings to Falcone: everyone must die. Jim, Bullock, Penguin…Maroni too. (She forgot to mention she wants Falcone dead, too).  Niko, the angry Russian agrees with his secret lady-love.

Penguin is first on Fish’s kill wish list. Falcone suggests she goes to Maroni and ask politely to have Penguin back. If he refuses, then they can think of a different game plan. Maroni won’t hand Penguin over, telling him to apologize. Fish, apparently unimpressed with the apology, punched Penguin in the face.

Next: War!

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