Gotham Recap: Ogre, Part III



We wake up after a sexy night at Ogre’s sexy loft with Ogre and Barbaaara. She wants to do the “Hey! Goodbye” but he wants to do the “Hey Stay Forever!” Ogre explains to her that he was planning on killing her the night they met, but he had a change of heart. She runs. He catches.
Ogre believes Barbarra is the one. He loves her so much; he shows her the lucky dozen frogs he had to kiss kill before life lead him to her. He assures Barbara that he’s going to set her free, because she’s ‘the one’. He let’s Barbara sleep and lounge around his loft while she figures out what love is. He wants her to tell him a person she wants to kill, so she can be more like him. He says he won’t kill her if she supplies him with a personnel’s name. She’s so torn. To keep her own life? Or a loved one…


Jim feels super guilty that Barbaaarra was kidnapped (and not Dr. Pretty). He goes into the deep end and asks Penguin for another favor. So now he owes Penguin a favor, and a BIG FAVOR.
Bullock and Jim arrives at a high-end whorehouse, a place where Eliot Spitzer was probably a patron of back in 2008. Jim was able to get a prostitute to talk; she was one of Ogre’s first victims over nine years ago. He didn’t actually kill her, so he must have been still fresh in the game. She pinpoints the exact location of where the loft is. Convenient that she remembers! Jim and Bullock rushes over but Ogre and Barbara has already left the building.


Find us in the next scene and Barbara has decided to have her parents killed in order to save her own life. #shameful. (Probably would have been happier at a nursing home). Jim and Bullock comes to the rescue and finally ends the Ogre once and for all. (R.I.P-multi-episode arc).

To make the mood a little more innocent:


Alfred is skeptical that Payne actually killed himself by falling outside a window. (Man was too smart…wonder what kind of meds he was on). Bruce goes to Wayne Enterprises for a V.I.P tour, he pulls the fire alarm and snoops around. High-powered exec was waiting for him already to catch him red-handed. Bruce finally learns the reality of Wayne Enterprises. A multi-national company committing lots of crime to make lots of skrilla. Then some Junior Executive tells Brucey his dad was a good man, and he kept his true self to himself. (Was his dad Batman Version 1? No right?) Either way, by the end of this episode Brucey no longer idolizes his dearly beloved father.

Nygma is living life after killing Ms. Kringle’s abusive cop boyfriend. He leaves his lady love a break up note, signed her dead ex. Good thing he has a good sense of humor, because he left a clue behind!

Penguin is still on his journey to kill Maroni. Penguin took out the firing pins out of the hitman’s gun before he fired though… not sure why. So another person dies. Breaking story, I know. #yawn.

However, turns out Penguin needed a severed head to overnight to Falcone. The ending montage also shows Maroni going attack to several Falcone establishments… the build up is on, Gotham is at war. And Penguin is the one to blame for the big Mob-Boss-War.



Gotham Season Finale

Monday, May 4th at 8 on Fox

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