Gotham Recap: Here’s the Realist

Gotham Recap

Everyone Has a Cobblepot

First things FIRST, I’ve made some mistakes!

1) Jerome the Joker? Maybe? Maybe not. Last week we were introduced to the “Red Hood Gang” and according to the comics, that’s where the origin of the Joker comes in. So I’ve been tricked? But I think maybe all of Gotham viewers have been tricked?

2) I thought Penguin’s mom is Dollmaker. I may…be wrong as well? Because we were introduced to Dr. Francis Dullmacher aka Dollmaker. Oops? So sue me? Speak to my lawyer, TJ, TJ of TVJURISTE.



Today’s Fish Tale – The Bluest Eye

Last week we ended with Fish taking it into her own hands and scooping out her eye. Should we call her Blue Left-Eye Mooney now? (I’ll stick to Fish just to be safe). Fish has been working on being second in command to the Dollmaker. She has to prove her worth, like…getting initiated into a gang. To prove herself she must bring the bodies from the basement to Dollmaker. And to think Fish has finally changed her ways and can be reliable. Nevermind. Just forget it!

Alfred and Little Brucey

Another follow up: Alfred has been attacked by an old pal of his Reggie last week. And we have Brucey reading him a lovely story by his bedside. Cute. (Reminds me of my good friend reading Harry Potter to her ex-bf who didn’t read..btw he very much enjoyed it). Then you see Cat for a bit, as she awkwardly hugs Brucey. (Cat is in the hospital because Ivy steals food from the hospital, in case you were wondering).

Big Bad Flass Returns. 

So this week, bad cop Detective Flass was Vindicated. He was cleared for murder! How? Gordons’ partner Bullock was filmed admitting to use false evidence to frame Flass. So this OBVIOUSLY upsets Jim. Jim wants to know why!? Why? Because Commissioner Loeb had something that he could blackmail Bullock with. Mission this week is to find all the files Loeb has on Bullock, and possibly any other GCPD. Let me just tell ya, Loeb wins the medal for ‘as corrupt as they get’.

Since Jim is mad at Bullock, he works with the other Harvey instead, Dent. Dent and Jim head over to find the Chinese bookkeeper Xei Lu. Should we just giggle at how stereotypical it is on where he finds Xei Lu? Xei Lu was found in the basement of a Chinese restaurant. His accountants were counting cash on a lazy Susan, right next to a giant fish tank full of Koi. Xei Lu figures they are cops and orders his accountants in Mandarin to ‘kill them’. Jim and Dent runs out just in time, while the accountants suddenly yell after them in Cantonese. (Good going on getting the language on par, Fox). Who is there to save the day? Bullock. YES.

That’s All Fine, But What About Penguin?

What typical episode of Gotham would it be if the detectives didn’t go to Fish, Penguin to get some clues. If Penguin does Jim the solid of helping him find all of Loeb’s files. He gets one favor (no questions asked) from Jim. Jim obliges.

Penguin leads the pack to a farm. Where an older couple lives at. Turns out there is a Mariam Loeb being locked up in the attack. Poor girl looked so lonely…. (I don’t blame her, when I think I might grow old alone, I always pictured myself as Aunt Cynthia that lives over the garage). Mariam is a esteemed jewelry maker, she grabs birds from the window and makes necklaces. Turns out, not only does she break birds necks, but she also killed her mother twenty years ago. Loeb has been hiding his adult daughter in an attic to protect her, (not just himself). Jim uses this piece of information to get Loeb to turn over everything he has on Dent. SUCCESS.

Sidenote: Mariam took a fancy to Penguin because he looked like a bird, and she likes birds. All this is totally acceptable for 8pm programming right?

With only two more episodes of Gotham to go this season, I have learned:

1) Everyone has killed a mobster.
2) Everyone has a Cobblepot.