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TV Juriste searches the internet for the best fan art. If you’ve seen amazing fan art or if you create amazing fan art, contact us.

This week’s contribution to MAFA is a beautiful depiction of Penguin a.k.a. Cobblepot, one of the creepiest characters on Fox’s hit series, Gotham (TV Juriste recaps by Cynthia Yee).

The best fan art is just like this piece — it conveys the spirit of the character, but it’s rendered in the artist’s unique style. We love the colors (particularly the moody blue background), the facial expression, and the added detail of blood on Cobblepot’s hands and jacket.

Thank you, Corina Tu, for agreeing to allow us to feature your work in MAFA. 

You can find more of Corina’s work on Twitter, or Corina’s blog,Coco-Art.

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