Poll: ABC’s Black-ish Premiere – Yeah, Boy or C’mon, Son?

If you’re not too turned off by our tongue-in-cheek title, let us know what you think about ABC’s new family comedy, Black-ish. It premieres on ABC tonight after Modern Family.  We’ll publish our review soon.


  • Angela James

    I understand the perspective against “Black-ish’, let me offer another. When I saw the title show before it aired, I saw it as satire. Its appearance provoked my interest because generally speaking, Black family sitcoms had disappeared….and many of those most recently produced WERE somewhat tedious and safe (which in comedy is BORING). In their place, we have heavily produced “reality tv” providing entertainment, along with very damaging stereotypes about Black family life….harder to protest because they are presented as “real” and unscripted. I am willing to give this show a chance before I pronounce it a dud.