(or TJ) is an online hotspot for TV fans, producers, and lawyers, providing fans and industry insiders content, services, and a fun online place to hang-out and talk TV.‘s features include:

For Fans:

  • Fun and provocative Commentary, Recaps and Reviews
  • As the site grows, we will add live, time-zone specific chat rooms

For Producers/Writers/Production Companies:

  • CYA Law Guides with easy-to-understand summaries of the most important substantive topics, defamation, copyright, privacy, and trademark law.
  • Legalese Translated translates commonly-seen, but seldom understood, contract terms.
  • Coming Soon – Profiles of experienced media attorneys and TV business affairs executives

For Lawyers:

  • Recollection Refreshers with bullet-point summaries of substantive law for those times when you just need a quick reminder.
  • Legal News
  • TV Business and Legal Affairs Job Listings is the passion project and brainchild of Terri James — a long-time TV fanatic, self-appointed comedy connoisseur, Harvard-trained media lawyer, wannabe journalist, and recent Francophile. Mix all those things together and, voila,

Prior to launching, James worked for E!, NBCUniversal, BBC, and a television personality. Her all-time favorite shows are — The Wire, Seinfeld, Sex and the City, The Dave Chappelle Show, The Daily Show With Jon Stewart, The Colbert Report, My So-Called Life, Curb Your Enthusiasm, and SNL.

We hope to encourage active debate, discussion, and participation about anything related to TV.

If you’d like to see a feature that’s not included or if you’re interested in writing for, let us know.

Oh, and about the name — Juriste (Zhur-eest) is French for lawyer. It’s pronounced

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