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How does a Sleepy Head spend the final days before the September 22nd Sleepy Hollow premiere on Fox? By re-watching episodes of Season 1 (all of which are available on Hulu+), watching interviews with the cast, and searching the Internet for previews of Season 2, of course. Here are the top 5 things we learned while anxiously awaiting the Sleepy Hollow Season 2 premiere.

#1 – Zombie Andy Brooks IS Back, But Probably Not For Long

When we learned that John Cho had been cast as the male lead in a new ABC show, Selfie, most of us figured we’d never get to see Andy Brooks in Sleepy Hollow again. Well, he’s baaack, but probably not for long. Fox posted a clip of Andy Brooks trying to help the still-stuck-in-purgatory Abbie . . but should she trust him??? Hmm, I suppose we’ll learn more in the premiere. Meanwhile, you can watch the clip here.

#2 – Abbie and Ichabod Each Lost Loved Ones!

OhMyGodOhMyGodOhMyGod. This actually was our #1 tidbit, but we didn’t want the headline to annoy adamant spoiler-avoiders.

Needless to say this could be a huge development (unless the deceased loved ones end up being characters we haven’t yet met or only barely know). According to a preview posted by Sleepy Hollow expert, Chrissy Piccolo aka @Sleepy Addicts, the first episode shows a scene of Abbie and Ichabod one year after we left them in Season 1. In that scene, Abbie is throwing a birthday celebration for Ichabod. That’s when we learn that both of them are grieving the loss of  loved ones (but it’s not clear whether we learned the identity of those departed loved ones). We assume we’ll spend some portion of the first few episodes of Season 2 watching flashbacks explain how Crane and Abbie escaped their season finale predicaments AND which loved ones were lost in the process. But, other than that, we can’t even begin to predict what will happen this season, which is why we love this show so much!

#3 – Katrina Grows a Pair

In a show with such amazingly complicated female characters, we were a little disappointed in the Katrina character. She just seemed too much like a stereotypical damsel in distress, without being the type of badass Quaker witch we thought Ichabod and the show deserve. Perhaps the Sleepy Hollow writers heard our complaints. In a scene from the season premiere, Katrina is still held captive by Headless, but she shows the kind of spunk we never saw from her in the first season. Watch this scene and we bet you’ll feel more than a little hopeful that we might see a much more interesting Katrina in season 2.

#4 – Cast Chemistry and Ichabbie Make Sleepy Hollow Fun to Watch

Several previews say there will be some nice Ichabbie moments in the Season 2 premiere. We also noticed from a clip of the cast at Comic Con that the entire cast seems to genuinely enjoy each other’s company, and it shows. It also seems clear to us, that Tom Mison seemed to indicate with his body language that he’s Team Ichabbie. This actually makes a lot of sense given that Beharie is his co-lead, not Katia Winter. Wouldn’t it have been odd if David Duchovny or X-Files fans had ever downplayed the importance of Scully? Uh, yeah. Yet, guess what a prominent television critic did on the eve of the Sleepy Hollow Season 2 premiere?

#5 – Nicole Beharie is MOST Certainly Not a Sidekick on Sleepy Hollow

Alessandra Stanley, a long-time NYT critic primarily known for her mistakes, caught a lot of heat on Friday, November 19th for an online review that will appear in the September 21 print edition of the New York Times. In her review, Stanley characterized the phenomenally prolific TV hit-maker, Shonda Rhimes, as “an angry Black woman.”

What does that have to do with Sleepy Hollow? We refuse to link to the piece, so we’ll tell you that Stanley didn’t just insult Shonda Rhimes. Oh no, Stanley, almost seemed to be on a mission to insult as many current Black TV actors as possible in a single piece. Maybe she was trying to win a bet? Not sure. But, in Stanley’s frenzied effort to cast shade, she called Nicole Beharie, our beloved Leftenent Abbie Mills, Ichabod’s “sidekick.” EXCUSE ME? Sleepy Heads across the web were furious. So are we.

Those who have read reports about the casting know that Ms. Beharie was the first of the two “witnesses” cast! Mison and other actors vying for the Ichabod Crane role had to test their chemistry with Beharie to get the job. Not exactly the way things work when your character is a sidekick. Get it together, Alessandra Stanley.

So, in honor of Nicole Beharie and Leftenant Mills, check out two clips of Beharie in and out of character, just because. That’s it for now . .  .

Courtesy of Vanessa Stefaniuk

Courtesy of Vanessa Stefaniuk

Courtesy of Vanessa Stefaniuk

Courtesy of Vanessa Stefaniuk


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